About The Blogger

I like tweaking, winging, improvising, and creating recipes. I like the GMO free life but can’t always live it. I love the organic food life too, but we don’t always have organic food(s) around.

I enjoy cutting out refined white and brown sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and anything else that can raise blood sugars. I don’t always live refined sugar free, but I have reduced eating it dramatically over the past years.

I love foods with fats (cheese, cream, avocado, etc.) and protein. I love beans! I have trouble eating veggies but I know I need to eat them. I also try to follow a lifestyle that is very low in carbs, high in protein, medium in fruits and high in vegetables and legumes.

I eat a lot of diabetic and PCOS friendly foods to maintain a good weight. This lifestyle is the only thing that helped me battle my on and off weight gain.

If you want to know more tips on how changing the way I ate growing up has improved my health significantly and helped me keep off the pounds please comment and I’ll try my best to give you helpful info.

I also like to blog about my married life, my blessings, and our miscarriage trauma.




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