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You’ll see the word organic a lot when I share recipes I find too good not to share. I try my best to live a GMO free and organic lifestyle that has changed my health and weight significantly. Living this way isn’t a quick fix. It’s best to start off slow and then gradually add more gmo/organic free over time. This lifestyle is the only thing that helped me battle my on and off weight gain. Organic is pricey especially around here without a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s store. GMO’s are being linked to so many bad things even the world health organization has said they probably cause cancer! GMO free isn’t always easy to do either.

I eat similar to vegans because of my food sensitivities to dairy and eggs, and vegan recipes seem to be the only ones that come up with pretty awesome tasting and creative alternatives. I would love to be a true vegan someday but I love meat, especially pork. I hate that animals are fed GMO diets instead of their natural habitat (grass for cows) injected with unnecessary growth hormones (that spread to humans and cause hormonal issues) and many are treated poorly. This affects their meat quality.

Going back to injected hormones in cows, I no longer drink dairy milk. Avoiding cow’s milk has helped a lot of my teen and adult issues of acne, hormone imbalance, and weight gain. I love coconut and almond milk, and I want to keep trying alternatives. I can’t give up delicious tasting cheese no matter how hard I try but I have cut back a lot! (OK, maybe some days I cut back.)

Most of the meals I create and share on my blog site are PCOS and diabetic friendly. That means they won’t raise blood sugars or add to inflammation. These meals can be easily modified for vegans. I try to follow a lifestyle that is very low in carbs, high in protein, high in fruits and high in vegetables. I hardly ever eat bread or gluten type foods, but if I do eat any at all, I prefer organic. I also try to cut out white processed sugar  and white foods on a daily basis. You can consider these meals as detox type meals. Enjoy, I’ll be creating and sharing more meals soon.

If you want to know more tips on how changing the way I ate growing up has improved my health significantly and helped me keep off weight please comment and I’ll give you helpful info.


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