Stuck in Weight

Have you ever felt stuck at a certain weight? For me, I know I am not fat, but I am not where I want to be weight wise, I am not fully content. I have 4-6lbs left to be at my ultimate weight goal. I feel stuck. Yesterday, I decided to try to add more fiber in life. I am now going to start drinking a fiber drink and eat more fiber filled/packed foods.

One of these easiest fiber foods for me to eat and I enjoy is beans.

I ate refried pinto beans with taco seasoning spices and melted cheddar cheese. I loved it. And it’s been hours past and I still feel full. The best part is I have plenty of refried beans leftover.

We also have organic dried apricots from Costco that are packed with fiber so I am consuming more of those as well.

We’ll see in a week if this new addition of  loads of fiber to my life is helping to shed the pounds. I hope so since I’ve also started working out with my husband’s work trainer.980x


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