Surviving Vegas


My husband and I had a planned trip To Vegas October 1-4, 2017. He was going for a work business conference and wanted me to join. The trip for me was affordable and his flight and hotel were paid by his company.

On our way to Vegas, we flew through some heavy clouds. I was getting a little scared with the turbulence and by the time I took a picture of these clouds the sky started to clear up.


Once we arrived at the Vegas airport, we got a Taxi to The Cosmopolitan Hotel. We had a room on the 54th floor. I remember going from the 54th floor to the 1st really feels like your falling, it was a bit spooky for me. Anyway, we had a breath taking view and really private balcony.


We arrived at our hotel 2 hours before that horrible massacre at Mandalay Bay.

While or just before the shooting happened, my husband and I decided to have dinner in one of the restaurants in our own hotel instead of finding a place on the strip.  We started with a mixed oreo type cookie milk shake with a huge cookie sandwich on top, it was amazing! Look at the picture:

We then ate our dinner, mine was a lobster mac n cheese, and his was a hamburger. We went up to our hotel room to unpack and enjoy our view. I remember sitting on my bed and getting an alert on my google phone telling me about an active shooting at Mandalay Bay. I told my husband immediately and we turned on the news.

I couldn’t believe it, the news also said there was a suspicious vehicle parked near by, and they weren’t sure if this was a terrorist shooting or if there were multiple shooters.

I could hardly sleep that night. I woke up not knowing how many people died or if there were more shooters in different places, I was very saddened to learn the death toll was over 50! 😥

Some of my husbands co-workers who were at that hotel an hour earlier and left were so freaked out and didn’t feel safe in Vegas anymore. My husband and I stayed knowing there was more high alert and security.

Despite the sad and madness, my husband and I ended up having an amazing time throughout this trip. We didn’t have the kids with us. We had romantic drinks and dinners, snuggles, laughs, we held hands so much and everywhere. Another great thing is I made two new friends!

A picture of the amazing sea bass I had at a delicious restaurant in the Cosmopolitan.


If my husband’s work sends my husband again on the next conference trip next year or the year after that, we’ll probably go together again. I am so glad we got to go away for a few days. I missed my children though. They were in good hands. I am very sorry that the stupid mass shooter had to ruin this trip for most people.

And because I try to keep images of myself and keep this blog semi private, I won’t be uploading any selfies that we took. But we took many and I loved them!


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