Easy Tasty Mac N Cheese- Winged It


My husband and I both have tried making a really good and delicious mac n cheese in the past. Most the time it turns out good, but not as great as we remember from our childhood, you know, the boxed stuff from Kraft.

I’ve been itching to make a good enough cheese sauce with velveeta and cream cheese to see if those cheeses are what’s missing to make that Kraft Mac n Cheese taste. Well yesterday, I think I finally produced a delicious mac n cheese!

I already had brown rice noodles cooked and stored in the fridge so I took them out.

I turned on a pot to medium-high and put about 1-2 table spoons of butter in, I then added in about 4 table spoons of cream cheese and let it almost melt all the way. I then threw about 4 table spoons of velveeta cheese in and combined it all till it melted. I then poured probably about 4 ounces of cream in and 2 ounces of whole milk. This came out so creamy and smelled good. I added paprika for color (and I love the taste) along with dashes of salt and pepper. I think I may have added a little more cream cheese and velveeta towards the end.

When the sauce was creamy and complete I turned off the pot and added my noodles and stirred. I put two scoops in a bowl and took a bite, I was amazed it was delicious! My goodness I want to make this over and over and over! I only captured one picture and I think it looks as good as it tasted!

I apologize for not having an exact amount of the ingredients I used, I was just winging this but what I did worked and tasted amazing! I think if you have butter, cream cheese, cream, milk, and velveeta cheese on hand then you can wing it too and not be disappointed.

The fat from cheese is actually good for you and if you combine with gluten free noodles like I have then you can enjoy this without worrying about gaining a pound or so the next day!

If you’ve had an amazing cheese sauce you want to share, please do!



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