Enjoying The PTO!

My husband has tons of PTO (Paid Time Off), so we enjoyed having him all day Monday this week. I was able to run so many errands and he took the kids to the library and helped clean up our home! He’s a super husband/dad!

He is also taking Friday this week off from work and we just are so impatiently waiting for tomorrow to come.

We like to go to the Farmer’s market with the kids any chance we get. Last time we went, I had an earache and I was miserable so hopefully I won’t wake up like that tomorrow even though the weather is getting so much colder. The market we go to is open on Fridays from 9am-12pm.

There’s this food truck the my husband wants to try and so I think we’ll give it a chance tomorrow!

Did I mention he’s also taking the week of Thanksgiving off? Well yes, he is and we’re excited about that too!

We’re going to the gym together in the AM and then heading to the farmer’s market after. If we have time we’ll visit my in-laws. The gym will watch our kiddos while we workout. I am so excited to spend another full week day with my husband! We get another 3 day weekend with him! Woo!!!!! ❤


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