At Home Game Date Night!


I’ve heard and read that weekly/frequent date nights are important for a happy and healthy marriage. My husband and I try our best to go on date nights but with kids, it’s not always feasible.

We did just have our salsa dancing date night, about 12 days ago, which was loads of fun, but the past few weeks (maybe months) we’ve utilized having our basement for at home date nights.

We put our little ones to bed between 7:30-8pm and then we grab snacks, drinks, or homemade popcorn from the kitchen and watch a movie all snuggled up together downstairs in our basement. It’s been SO nice!

Sometimes we play games because there are times we don’t always have or want to watch something.

The other night at my in-laws, my mother-in-law let me have a couple of games and one of them was the game Operation! I remember wanting to play this game so bad years ago, I remember the commercials when I was a kid. I think my older brother had the game in my childhood years and I’m not sure he let me play. 😟

So you could only imagine the excitement my husband and I had that we were able to take the Operation game home! We were anxious to play and get started!

IMG_20170906_215747 (1)

There were very few pieces missing, and the rubber band that belonged to the game had dried out. We were able to find a rubber band that worked and played with what we had. We still ended up having a blast, and as always my husband won the game! Lol.

This game is tougher than it looks. To be honest, I don’t really think Operation is a kids game. I think kids would lose the pieces too fast.

No doubt the game Operation is incredibly fun to play!

I can’t wait to play Operation again another night, and hopefully this time I will win! 😂


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