Mushroom, Italian Sausage, Veggies, and Brown Rice “Risotto”


IMG_20170711_161014So after a 3 week battle of a horrible long last cold/flu we’re finally on the mend (sorta) and I feel like I can blog again.

I want to share one of my favorite quick (maybe?) dinner meals. Thanks to the Detoxinista blogger for her Mushroom & Spinach Quinoa “Risotto” Recipe because  it’s really easy and I just absolutely love using soy sauce, especially wheat free soy sauce tamari.

The blogger appeals to vegans a lot of the time so I spruced my recipe up by adding a few things and eliminating others. The blogger uses quinoa and as much as I like quinoa we just don’t don’t have it around the house so I used brown rice noodles from the Winco bin instead.

To make it even easier I use canned mushrooms. One can is usually 8oz and comes sliced. I love having a lot of canned mushrooms around. I also don’t use onions like she calls for. I also use a broth instead of water for the sauce.

What I do for my meaty risotto is:

Step 1. I cook about 4 cups of brown noodles in boiling water, drain and set aside. Takes about 10 minutes to boil. ( I don’t use all the noodles in the recipe because I like having leftover noodles for other things.)

Step 1.5 While the noodles are boiling I have a frying pan out and heat up 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and then I add in two minced cloves of garlic and 1 can of mushrooms. I let them cook for about 5 minutes until they’re hot and smell good. I then open up a can of chicken broth and get half a cup out to put in the blender with half of the cooked garlic and and mushrooms, and then I add the the two tablespoons of tamari say sauce and set aside.

Step 2. I take out another pan out and brown the italian sausage I had thawed out the night before.

Step 3.  While the sausage is cooking and getting nice and brown, I throw some frozen veggies (California blend: broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower) in a pot and water let it boil, and then simmer for 8 minutes.

Step 4. When frozen veggies and italian sausage are cooked I go back to the blender I set aside with the yummy ingredients in Step 1.5 and blend everything till smooth.

Step 5. (Last step) I drained the cooked sausage and set aside and rinse the pan I cooked it in real quick. I put some of the cooked noodles, some of the sausage, the, half of cooked garlic and mushrooms, and veggies back in the pan and mix everything. I then take my thick sauce from the blender and pour all over and remix. And I get something delicious and lovely that looks likes this:


My daughter who thinks she doesn’t like meat had three big servings of this. My husband and I ate this with an addition of some Asian red chili sauce we buy at Winco. It really adds a nice heated kick and we like it better than Sriracha because Sriracha has added sugar in it. (Yuck)

This made enough for leftovers because I doubled the recipe.

Anyway this is my favorite comfort food right now. If you can follow the 5 steps above great, if not you can get pretty creative by blending mushrooms, garlic, chicken broth, and soy sauce to make a delicious sauce to noodles, rice, or quinoa.






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