My Mood Boost


When I was struggling with infertility back in 2012, I constantly read numerous ways on how to improve fertility. One thing that stuck with me, that I did when I was trying to conceive both the babies I have now, was eating a piece of dark chocolate everyday.

There’s no proof if eating dark chocolate helped me in the past, but I am in such a better mood after I consume it, I am much more relaxed!

Now that I have a busy life taking care of my kids, I find myself searching for a piece/chunk of chocolate once in a while, especially when I get my kids to nap at the same time.

I eat pieces off a 85% dark chocolate bar. The darker the better for you is what I’ve read. Right now at our local stores the only ones we have bought are the Lindt: Excellence 85% Cocoa Extra Dark bars.

Since supposedly the cocoa plant is heavily sprayed with insecticides and whatnot, I am hoping to get my hands on organic dark chocolate bars next from here

Anyway, if you need a pick-me-up once in a while or just an overall mood boost try eating a piece of a dark chocolate bar and see if that helps any! 😉 🙂




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