Hubby Likes To Cook – Chicken Salad & Homemade Fries

IMG_20170420_190217 (1).jpg

For the past several weeks my husband has gotten into cooking. And I mean to the point where he’s meal planning, and baking! Ok, so he’s only baking sourdough bread for now but hey it’s a start.

I love how he cooks pork. He comes up with this delicious sauce and it’s amazing. We made some for his parents on Good Friday, but my husband didn’t realize the stove was off so that delayed things. Then he had to cook the meat on high so we wouldn’t miss the Good Friday service which made it more tough than how he usually cooks it. So hopefully we can have them over another time and prove that he can cook amazing delicious tender pork.

The real motivation behind his extreme interest in cooking is a speculation of ours that stems from his recent cold turkey quitting of vaping. Which was about a month to a month and a half ago.  Judge if you will, but vaping is a lot healthier than smoking, and he smoked a lot before he met me, then it lowered after but he smoked until the first positive pregnancy test I had in June 2013, then went to vaping. He never vaped or smoked in our home.

I never loved that he vaped, but I know that smoking anything at his young age is a horrible and addicting emotional habit that I will never quite understand but I see so many people struggle with. And hey if he wants to use cooking as his new interest/addiction at least that involves his whole family and has turned out tasty and healthy.

One day last week we decided to have a chicken salad. This included juicy boneless chicken thighs, crisp pieces of real bacon (not that fake bacon bit stuff), handfuls of spinach, avocado, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, tomatoes, and a hidden handful of goji berries.  The picture below is the salad before I added the chicken and bacon on top.IMG_20170420_182716.jpg

The final salad meal looked like:

IMG_20170420_190217 (1)

My husband cooked the chicken and bacon and I put the salad together. I must say adding the goji berries was a trial and error but a very pleasant surprise on how amazing it paired with the chicken. My husband ate this salad with Italian dressing. I used my own homemade dressing which was fresh lemon juice, olive oil and salt and pepper. The only thing I forgot or wish I had added was some sort of nut, like walnuts or pecans. Either way the salad was superb.


IMG_20170420_190244My husband also scrubbed and cut and cooked steak style fries, pictured above. Homemade fries! And just like the salad this was a hit! Funny enough the fries tasted good mixed in with the salad, at least we thought so. Who would have thought potatoes go well in a salad? We sure do now. 🙂

Good news, we are saving a little more money now that some isn’t being spent on vaping e-juice or materials! And we are getting delicious bread and meals because of it! My husband said cooking is therapeutic for him so it’s been a nice break not being the one to always meal plan anymore! I am proud my husband isn’t smoking anything currently!!!

*The salad is PCOS friendly and can be diabetic friendly if you take out the goji berries.


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