My Crazy Pizza Cravings


I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love pizza. That being said how does one with PCOS eat pizza and stay healthy? Hmm.. well for me, I found a short cut. I found a way to get my pizza cravings satisfied.

How so? Forget the breads/crusts, I buy Juanita’s Tortilla Chips. They’re gluten free and they do not use GMO corn! Yay! I use the chips as my “crust” and it’s delicious. The fat in the chips help with burning fat. You might think I am crazy but I’ve been eating these chips for 5 years and they do not make me gain weight.

I start off by getting a dinner plate out. I cover the plate with chips. I then cut up cheddar cheese and place over the chips and microwave for 15-30 seconds. I sometimes add pepperoni to this meal. While the cheese and chips are microwaving, I get a can of tomato sauce or paste out. If it’s tomato sauce I just add salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning to make it into a pizza sauce. If I have tomato paste I take out half the tomato paste and mix with 1/2 or 1 cup of filtered water till I get a sauce consistency and then add the same spices I’d add to the tomato sauce. (Salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning.) Sometimes I warm the sauce up.

I then pour the sauce in a small container so I can dip my pizza chips in the sauce and I get this delicious pizza taste in every bite. One plate fills me up and I get so satisfied. Sometimes I make this for dinner and will cook up a handful of asparagus in butter as a side.


Some times I skip the cheddar/cheese all together. Tonight I dipped my chips in just the pizza sauce and had lean ham on the side. I also had the asparagus in the above picture as a side. To me eating “pizza” this way tastes better.

Anyway if you’re looking for a gluten free pizza eating alternative experience try giving this a chance!


*I buy Hunt’s Natural tomato sauce and Winco’s tomato paste when I make my pizza sauces.




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