What I Eat



What I eat seems to change on a weekly basis.

Brunch Meals:

I can have berry/spinach smoothies for brunch since I am never hungry early in the morning but slightly before noon. I love adding frozen berries, spinach, avocado, water or almond milk and sometimes applesauce for a really satisfying smoothie. Sometimes adding lemon/lime juice helps if it is too sweet. My daughter and I enjoy this very much.

When I make my berry smoothies I try to eat handfuls of nuts and seeds and meat to get me really full.

I snack a lot on shell less sunflower seeds from the Winco bin section.

Sometimes all I want to start off eating are these small pizzas I make with corn tortilla chips as a crust, tomato sauce on top, cheddar cheese on top and pepperonis on top. This gets me really full and is gluten free. Not to mention my pizza craving is satisfied.


I pretty much try to stick to a gluten free when it comes to the first day meals.

Some weeks I want just a big avocado with salt, paprika and lime all to myself.

Late afternoon Meal: (2-3pm)

There are some weeks I have so much soup! I love cooking brown rice noodles (from Winco bin) and then adding them to an chicken bowl broth (with little or no added sugar) with garbanzo beans. It’s pretty filling! I have a bag full of frozen cooked garbanzo beans to add to any dish when I want these yummy beans.



Dinners are usually family time so I have to come up with something everyone likes. When we don’t eat the same thing for dinner I usually just have more soup that I described above. Earlier this week we made half of these baby pork riblet things and let it cook in the crockpot for 4 hours on high. My husband made an awesome yummy sauce for it and we cooked frozen veggies as a side. We also had homemade corn tortillas to eat with the riblets. We also had pesto with brown rice spaghetti noodles, and Italian sausage. We again had frozen broccoli and cauliflower as a side. I like to spread melted butter on the veggies. And my picky daughter loves that as well.

We try to thrive to have some sort of veggie at dinner, but I will admit that it doesn’t happen at every dinner but I like having it as a goal.

So this is what I’ve been eating for the last month or two and it helps me not gain weight and or lose weight. 🙂

Fun Facts:

  • I have one piece of dark chocolate 85% or up almost every day.
  • What you’re reading above changes with my mood, weather, budget, season, etc. I get sick of eating the same things long term for awhile and then go back to what I know I enjoy.
  • I love that my husband loves to cook.

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