Three Fast Years…

My sweet first miracle baby isn’t a baby anymore. She turned 3 a couple of weeks ago and has turned out to be such an adoring toddler. I couldn’t have asked for more of a joyful little person in my life.

Below she is enjoying listening to a story read by her dad while standing up. I love how she likes to twist things for her bedtime routine.


If my memory serves me right, the book that her father is reading to her in the above pic was a birthday gift from my mother and father-in-law.


My sweet daughter only wanted a birthday party for her 3rd birthday so she could share cake and ice cream with her friends. Isn’t that adorable and shows she loves to share? So we threw her a small party with her closest friends. Above she was in a little house her dad made for her with her best friend.


My parents, her grandparents, bought her some pretty barbie makeup which is what she requested from them and as you can see in the pictures below she had a lot of fun with her makeup. On the top left picture she was enjoying her barbie shoes from my sister.

Overall she had a cute and lovely birthday party with close family and friends. I look at her and just think wow 3 years have passed. I can’t wait to see how even much more beautiful and smart she’ll be in the next few years. I love my bright, creative, sweet and loving child! She’s a great big sister and makes life so exciting! Happy birthday sweet sweet miracle and answered prayer!


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