Valentine’s Day 2017-Family Pizza Night

The pizza I topped and baked.

Our Valentine’s Day Family Dinner I had planned was amazing, the personal sized pizzas hit the spot for all three of us!!

Our toddler was super helpful with prepping ingredients! In the picture below she was washing the mushrooms for me. My husband is in the background near the stove making a delicious homemade pizza sauce with Hunt’s tomato sauce and special spices he adds.


In this picture below we were waiting for the bacon and pizza sauce to cook so we could start topping the pizzas. The toddler doesn’t like “meatballs” (pepperoni), but she can sure eat handfuls of olives.


The personal sized ready made pizza crusts said to brush olive oil on the crust before adding toppings, so my daughter was definitely on top of that job! She used the silicone basting brush to spread the oil. We use that brush for SO many things, thanks to my mother in law for buying it for me.


I love how my daughter’s pizza came out! She had so much fun spreading the pizza sauce, adding the cheese and carefully placing her mushrooms and olives on top.


We sliced her pizza up into triangles. She ate almost the entire pizza except for the ends of the crust, which she handed to me and dropped some for the dog.


Here’s a picture of our mine and my daughter’s pizza below. My husband’s pizza was still cooking when I took the pictures, and he added green chili peppers to his.


I loved that we had bacon on hand. I asked my toddler if she wanted to add bacon to her pizza (Her pizza is on the left and bacon is the one meat we know she likes) but she just stuck to her olives and mushrooms.

We also grated parmesan cheese to the top of our pizzas before eating them.

I had such a great night, my husband kept raving about how fun this night was!


I am pretty proud of my pizza in the pic above. I have another one in the fridge that I am going to warm up and have for lunch tomorrow or technically in about 12 hours from now! 🙂

Good night and I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day as well. 😉


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