Deceitful Labels & Brands-Kyoto Japanese Toasted Sesame Oil


Ever since I realized that there are many hidden sugars, added wheat, soy, added crap, and false labeling in and on a lot of grocery store foods, I have been better at reading food labels and purchasing foods that help my healthy eating lifestyle. What am I talking about? Well let’s start with my horrible shopping experience I had around a year ago, it was insanely hard to to buy a simple can of tuna!

So a few weeks ago, my dear sweet husband went grocery shopping for me, it’s harder for me to get out now with a nursing baby and hyper active toddler. On the grocery list was sesame seed oil. Sesame oil is pricy but it tastes amazing in stir fry or other Asian inspired recipes. Hubbs and I go on cooking urges for Asian food quite often, so we do go through this oil a lot.

Since hubbs went out and bought the food, I always put the food away when he brings it home. I took out the bottle of the sesame oil since I noticed it was a different brand than what I’ve bought in the past. This bottle looked lighter in color than the stuff we’ve used before. This brand was: Kyoto Japanese Toasted Sesame Oil.

I turned the bottle around to read the label, the only thing it should say is “sesame oil” and not to my surprise the first ingredient was, “soybean oil, sesame oil.” I was infuriated! Not at my husband because he probably just grabbed it not realizing he’s actually getting soybean oil more than sesame, but because it was probably cheaper than the one brand we usually buy from. And I was also mad that this was even on the shelf to grab. Real sesame seed oil should be darker. Take a look at this deceiving brand:

On the left side of this picture the front label of the bottle says “Sesame Oil”. On the right side of this picture the back of the bottle towards the bottom that I have circled in blue, it says, “INGREDIENTS  SOYBEAN OIL, SESAME OIL”.

One sad fact is that usually the first ingredient is what is actually in the product the most. It’s sad that we don’t really know how much of which oil is in this. This really should be called soybean oil and have that on the front label and it doesn’t! Grr! I won’t even go into about how horrible soybean oil is for human consumption, you can Google that info.

We will never buy this brand Kyoto “sesame oil” again and I sure hope my husband will read labels more when he goes out shopping as I know he was a little disappointed this oil he had just bought wasn’t real sesame seed oil.

We are stuck with this bottle now till we finish it though. I tried using this stuff in my Bok Choy Chicken Recipe Monday night, and yeah no, yuck, it kinda ruined it. The meal tasted off and not as good as the previous and numerous times I’ve made it with REAL sesame seed oil. This product from Kyoto is at Winco so please if you want great tasting sesame seed oil, avoid this one!!

Read the ingredients list always, not just the front label. And as I said before here: This is why reading ingredients and nutritional facts are important people! It doesn’t take very long and the more you know what’s in your food the better!



2 thoughts on “Deceitful Labels & Brands-Kyoto Japanese Toasted Sesame Oil

  1. How funny to run across this article. I started buying this oil myself at Winco several months back. The bottle now says 100% sesame oil, however it tastes nothing like the tiny expensive bottles of sesame oil from other brands. This one tastes diluted and the sesame flavor is weak. Willing to bet they put 100% on the label recently, but are still making it with soybean oil to increase profits. There’s a reason why bottles of sesame oil that are 1/4 the size of Kyoto are the same price as Kyoto’s oil. Could never figure out why their oil was so cheap, yet tasted weak on the toasted sesame flavor. Now I know!

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    1. Thanks for reading. Does the ingredient list now says only sesame? If it says Soybean oil than it’s not 100 percent as you say it now says on the label. I always check the ingredient list. Always! 😀


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