Finally a Follow Up


Due to bad weather, my follow up appointment for post surgery finally happened.

What I found out was that the horrible c-section I had 3 years ago was not stitched up correctly on my right side. Lazy local obgyn doctor who I no longer see didn’t make sure, so it did not heal right, causing a pocket type healing on the right side. Because of this pocket, some dead tissue either a miscarried baby that didn’t develop with baby # 2, or part of placenta or anything else dead inside me got stuck in this pocket. My body was trying to get rid of it and it couldn’t, so that’s why I endured so much unknown pain.

So what does this mean for future pregnancies? The doctor who did my D&C said c-section. However she explained my pocket type healing c-section is so rare and new to her, she did not have information or experience dealing with someone like me. So that tells me she will not be my future doctor for any other births if I can have more children.

She then had the nerve to ask why I didn’t like c-sections. I was so sprung by her question that all I could think of to say at the moment was because of my horrible pain and recovery 3 years ago that felt like it took over 8 weeks to completely heal. What I wish I had said was: who would like 8 layers of skin cut into to have their baby pulled out?! Yeah, no thanks if I can avoid it.

What I am going to do now, is present this info to my specialist, a reproductive endocrinologist on 2/13/17, who could give his opinion on what I should do if I am able to have anymore living children. I trust him, and I’d like to hear what he thinks.

Overall though, I am not in any way near the pain I had after the birth of my 2nd living child, and am in no life threatening risk right now with this pocket or the mass that was taken out of me. No cancer, I am almost 100% pain free. Woot Woot!




4 thoughts on “Finally a Follow Up

  1. Hi Susie, I am a little confused. Are you talking about this particular post I wrote a year ago or the whole blog? Your comment is very similar to one I had yesterday saying almost the same thing, so it’s hard not to think you might be a troll? But I am not sure why. If I don’t get an explanation from either of you two commenters I will delete your first comment.


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