Still Wants To Be The Baby

My first born baby will be three soon and she’s a blessing to my husband and I. We adore her so so much. I can go on and on about how amazing and fascinating she is and how much we love her. She’s a smart cookie, and a very caring, clever, creative kid with a big vocabulary. She has loved her baby sister since we told her she’d be having one early in that pregnancy. She would talk to the baby inside utero and tell her she loved her almost daily.

My daughter loving her unborn sister.


My daughter has been pretty much inseparable to her baby sister since she met her.


She’s so good at holding her.

And yes, many times they nap right next to each other.

Napping on mommy and daddy’s bed of course. 
Taking a selfie with baby sister.


Here they are hanging out enjoying each other’s company, as usual.

What are these two up to?
“Want to see me draw, sister?”
Adoring her baby sister on a daily basis.
Being goofy with baby sister.


Boy does she love “carrying” her baby sister, even if the baby is screaming/crying.

You can see it on her face how much she loves to hold this baby.



As much as she loves her baby sister and being older, she still finds ways to feel like the baby, and I am in no rush to stop her. Today my almost three year old got into the infant/baby carseat and rocked to sleep.

I don’t know how my toddler could sleep in that infant carseat. I’d be so uncomfortable, but she napped in it for 3 hours!


The girls napped next to each other in their shared baby rockers (baby in baby rocking chair, toddler in baby carseat). Before they fell asleep the baby was excited to have her sister next to her, she was smiling and reaching out her hand. I wish I had my camera right then and there to snap that photo! These girls love each other. We are so thankful to be blessed with such miracles!




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