A Final Path To Recovery


A lot has changed/happened since my last post here. On 12/19/16, I saw a doctor and described my pain levels and asked why wouldn’t they rush me in for surgery asap if they knew something was inside my uterus and was causing my pain and she agreed and I had a set surgery date! Thanks to my hubby and mother-in-law who were chatting with me and telling me what I should ask/demand as I waited in the exam room.

The mass found inside a pocket outside of my uterus has been removed with a hysteroscopy d&c as of 12/20/16, at least that’s what my doctor told my husband after the procedure was done. It has yet to be confirmed via ultrasound.

I have a post surgery follow up in a few days on  1/13/17 to find out all the details about this stupid mass and hopefully get some answers to see if it’s all the way gone. Oh wait, that’s if they don’t close the office due to this crazy unpredictable winter storm we’re going through right now.

Since I tend to be a rare case when it comes to my uterus I will demand a follow up ultrasound. It’s better to be safe than sorry and knowing my luck and the fact that I am still not 100% better yet 3 weeks post, I wouldn’t be surprised if another thing was going on with my uterus, but if not than yay we can all celebrate and move on!!

My recovery from my hysteroscopy d&c, what the procedure to remove the mass was called, has been slowly going. Slowly but surely I suppose. I was taking 3 or so strong pain pills a day and am now down to 1 and a half. Sometimes I can function with just one or half a pill only. And thank the lord the pain pills don’t affect breastfeeding.

So that’s where I am at. Trying to function as a mother of 2 living small children and slowly recovering from a medical procedure. I love my baby girls and enjoying them as much as possible.

Did I mention how amazing my husband has been through all of this?! If not, well he’s really gone above and beyond for us, his family. Thank you amazing man! And a shout out to my in-laws who have also gone above and beyond, they helped us with the girls while we were at the hospital and whatnot! Thank you all who have sent texts, emails, meals, calls, and messages asking about me and my recovery! Thank you all for the prayers!


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