A Roller Coster Recovery


As I explained in my last post, there’s something wrong and painful going on in my uterus. I’ve had a lot of pain and pressure in that area since I gave birth almost 4 weeks ago. This pain isn’t part of normal recovery as I thought previously. I thought this could also be postpartum depression. Glad to know it’s not.

I finally saw someone about this almost 2 weeks ago and we thought it was an infection, so I was given antibiotics. An ultrasound I had 3 days ago showed a big blood clot or two and blood floating around in the uterine area and near the right ovary. Scary stuff! This is why I am having so much pain. Oh, and I could have been or could still be hemorrhaging..?

The report is confusing but after hours of being at the ER that same night the on call Obgyn thinks a few meds can get rid of the clots and some other meds can stop the hemorrhaging. My naturopath thought my previous c-section scar opened a little but that the obgyns think that would have shown at birth and aren’t concerned about the scar at the moment.

If after 3 days no progress of clots out and bleeding down or pain decreased then something else needs to happen. A D&C maybe, surgery, more meds?  My husband and I aren’t sure. We’ll know this coming Monday morning.

All this pain has drained my energy, I literally haven’t had any! I am tired of having painful cold chills, but am glad through all this I have been able to nurse my newborn.

My husband has been really great at helping me and my girls out. We can’t wait till we find some real answers and get whatever is in my uterus out!  We look forward to the day I feel normal and no pain. I want to be able to walk outside with out aches, chills and anxiety. I guess all of this has given me some anxiety and of course depression, honestly who wouldn’t have a little with all this happening?

Talking to my husband and having my girls are my strength though, we hold each other together! (Our Linchpin Bunch) And I know the prayers of family and friends have helped as well!

It would be nice if by the time Christmas comes all this pain I’ve endured will just be a memory and not an ongoing situation. With all that said I am late on getting christmas presents for everyone so I need to get back to online shopping.

Please keep me in your prayers!




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