My Birth Story (2nd Child-Vbac-Rainbow Baby)


I didn’t get my dream home birth, but I also didn’t get a repeat c-section (woo-hoo!!!!!), and I’ll explain later as to why. I had two “due” dates. First one based on lmp was 11/12/16 but based off when I ovulated 11/15/16.

The day before my 40 week mark (11/14/16) my water broke around 1:30-2am.

I woke up having to go “pee” and looked at the bed and there were two wet spots underneath me. I have never wet myself in bed with this pregnancy or any other pregnancy and it just didn’t seem normal. I shook it off and got up to use the toilet. After I tinkled, I noticed cloudy grey liquid slowly rolling down my legs and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I yelled at my husband and said, “I think my water just broke!” We thought it would be a good idea to sit on the toilet but each time I got up and moved around more uncontrollable liquid came out. We then decided to call our midwife and let her know.

My midwife said to try to go back to sleep and get rest if I could especially if I wasn’t having contractions yet and then to call her when contractions got to 3-5 minutes apart. I couldn’t sleep though, I was excited and felt dirty from the water breaking that I took a nice and relaxing shower. This was probably around 2:30am.  After my shower, I looked down at the drain and saw a puddle of blood. The “bloody show” started happening and again this is a good sign you’re going into labor or are in labor. I was getting more excited. I put on a pad and decided to try to rest on the bed.

Within minutes I started to feel contractions. They weren’t painful but they started out 10 minutes apart. I was using a free app I downloaded on my phone to time them. Once they started to be about 3-5 minutes apart, I couldn’t rest anymore, and they were getting a little painful. I got up and my husband called my midwife to let her know the contractions were closer and more painful. She said she’d be on her way to our home.

In the meantime, I was sitting at our dinning room table and as the contractions came rolling in my husband was putting his hands on where I said it hurt for counter pressure. It was helping, but by the time our midwife came over around 4am, the pain was stronger and longer and I needed the midwifes help for counter pressure. She showed my husband where to place his hands on my hips to relieve pain. She also kept telling me to breath threw my nose and out of my mouth and to “breath the baby out” I was trying but it just felt pointless to me plus I didn’t enjoy her breath in my face. I had to tell her to stop breathing on me. At this point it was around 7-8 am and I was getting annoyed by everything. My mother in law came to get our toddler and stopped by to stay hi, I wasn’t in the mood to chat since the contractions felt like charlie horses all on my back and abdomen and she left briefly after seeing me.

My husband was cleaning the kitchen and doing chores once the midwife’s assistant arrived, I think this was around 9amish. I told him to stop focusing on cleaning and to just to be by my side, even the smell of the food he was making was driving me insane. The midwife and assistant wanted me to eat something and when I took bites of a granola bar I would get very nauseas and spit it out and then felt like I was going to have terrible diarrhea.

I went from lying on sides, bouncing on my yoga ball, sitting on the toilet, walking around and leaning on pillows at the dinner table to try to relieve the contractions. My midwife checked me for dilation early morning and it was so uncomfortable while having a contraction, even while my husband was holding me through it. Sadly I was only opened to a 3. Long story short in the afternoon the assistant gave me another check and I was still at 3. My body was failing me, it wasn’t opening up. So again after some rest I tried all sorts of positions to try to get baby lower. My cervix was also posterior meaning it was way back instead of forward, if it was forward that would mean progress. My midwife and assistant tried giving me natural stuff to open up more. Around 5pm I had my last check, and I was still at a 3. I thought we would all just wait till 1:30am the next day (24 hours past water breaking) to see if I progressed more. But I was wrong.

My midwife and assistant came into my room and basically said something to lines of “you haven’t dilated more than a 3 and you’re cervix is still posterior and it’s been past 12 hours since your water broke.” They told me I would probably need to go to the hospital to get pictocin (induction, fake  stronger contractions) to get my labor going more but if we waited more hours to have the baby at home and then transfer to a hospital they would tend to give women in my situation a c-section or in their words, “cut you up.”

And there’s just no way I was going to have another c-section because mine 3 years ago was the worse ever, my recovery took 8 weeks or so and I later found out it wasn’t even necessary, my birth was robbed for me then and I am glad to say it wasn’t the 2nd time. I am glad my midwife team wanted to play it safe than sorry and although transferring to the hospital wasn’t the news I wanted to hear (I cried or was slowly crying when they said those words to me) deep down inside I knew they were right, and I just wanted my baby safely here.

We quickly packed bags to go to the hospital, but not the one near me since it’s c-section rate is much higher. We had to drive about 15 minutes away to go to the more friendly vaginal birth hospital. My mom was sitting in the back with me to help me get through the contractions with each bump and turn on the road.

We get to the hospital and my midwife and assistant already have my room assigned all I had to do was give the nurse my photo ID and insurance card. The on call OB that night was a little stubborn. Because of the fact that I had a cesarean almost 3 years ago he only gave me three choices: 1: To only get an epidural but no induction/pictocin and see how I progress with dilation. 2. To get a repeat c-section and 3. To go to the only other hospital in town if I didn’t like those choices.

These choices seemed pretty crappy, even to my midwife who said all the other obs she knows at this hospital wouldn’t refuse doing an induction/pictocin even if I had a previous c-section, but this ob’s excuse was that he thought it would cause my uterus to rupture since I never had a previous vaginal birth. By the way this is such bull! I called the other hospital while my husband and I were contemplating the choices to find out who their on call ob was and the girl who answered told me I can refuse a c-section at any hospital as long as I sign a form saying I am aware at risk of baby dying. Knowing that I got off the phone and diced to go with choice #1.

Long story short hours later the epidural and using my pump got me dilated to a 4 and a half.

I have scoliosis so the epidural itself is supposed to be only about a 15 minute procedure and in my case (of course I am always a rare case) it took over an hour to be put in. Talk about painful torture! My mom was getting worried. I was thankful the tech finally got it in though.

It was before 4am on 11/15/16 when the nurse came in and told us the doctor had a change of heart and wanted to start me on pictocin to get my labor really going! Thank God! What an answered prayer that was! As I was hooked up to the IV they were able to administer small doses of pictocin and every hour or so would up it again.

Finally around noon that day I was dilated to a 9 and a half! The nurse said I could get ready to start pushing with a contraction. Since I couldn’t feel the contractions because of the epidural they would tell me when one was coming and tell me to push, and someone was also counting to 10 and I would push my hardest while my husband and mom held my legs from falling off the table. Eventually I had them also hold up behind my knees to take that pressure off of me. I pushed on and off for about an hour before the baby was born. The doctor was helping me telling me if I was doing good. My mom was telling me to push and it was just so hard to focus when you can’t really feel anything but you have to imagine you’re passing stool.

There was so many people in the last hour. A team of nurses, the doctor, his assistant, I can’t even remember who else but seemed liked over 9 medical staff members. They were all talking and getting on my nerves. I think I expressed loudly how they were distracting so someone told them to quiet down. The doc said after a few more pushes if baby didn’t come he’d have to help me out, and who knows what that meant so I really pushed the last pushes and all of a sudden I hear doctor say that’s it and hand me a slimy tiny baby to hold at 1:13pm. Part of my birth plan was to not wash baby immediately and to have delayed cord clamping but since baby didn’t cry after 2 seconds he had my husband cut the cord. Sadly baby cried at 4 seconds. I wish they would have waited but the doctor has to do hospital procedure and hear a baby cry immediately or else they cut the cord.

There was also this neurotic nurse who raced up to me and went crazy with towels trying to clean the baby while she was in my arms, I was fighting her off since baby wasn’t dirty and I wanted her to keep the vernix on her as much as possible since it’s good for their skin. I wish I had yelled louder for that crazy nurse to back off! Lesson learned I guess.

So baby came without a c-section, thank the lord! I hate the many medical procedures I had to endure verses what I would have avoided if I was able to have a home-birth but at least this hospital respected so much more of what I wanted. The one I had my first daughter in would have fought me so much on the stuff I rejected. I rejected the eye ointment for baby they put on after birth, the hep B shot, and the bath. I wanted me or my family to give baby’s first bath!

Baby is 3 weeks old now but my recovery has been rough! I might have a uterus infection. I have a lot of pain in that area that just won’t go away and zero energy unless I take a narcotic the hospital gave me. It’s so weird. I just want to go back to normal and have an ultrasound in two days to see if anything is still lingering inside me or just to see if anything got messed up. Hopefully not but at the same time am on antibiotics to help fight an infection if one is existing!

If nothing shows up I will feel at a lost and super down. 😦

Some positives of all this is that I can nurse baby a lot more and better this time around than my first child, even with all the crap I am on. It’s so much different taking care of a newborn verses a preemie, different as in better. My husband jokes that he knew I’d be able to have more milk this time considering how much more my breasts have increased in size with this pregnancy. Lol. I love him.

My husband has been so great at taking care of me and all of us. I know this recovery would be worse without him!

Anyway if we are ever blessed again to have more children, I think I will consider trying to have another birth at home! I didn’t get my dream home birth, but got to experience much more than my first birth which I am thankful for!






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