37 And a Half Weeks Pregnant!


I am overjoyed to say I am 37 weeks and a half pregnant! I can have my baby at home now if everything goes well ! I am also 3 weeks past from when I had my first daughter back in Jan. 2014!

I started to take progesterone every other night instead of every night, which is a nice break because I used to take a daily double dosage from weeks 3 of pregnancy to week 35 of pregnancy, which constantly put me in zombie mode. Progesterone lowers blood pressure and relax muscles but it was mostly used to help my little one stay strong in the womb. At week 35 I was able to lower the daily dosage. I didn’t take it last night and my friend said I seemed more awake this morning compared to this entire pregnancy. I really want to stop taking it all together but I’ll ask my midwife at my next appointment Monday morning. She originally said take it every other day starting at 37 weeks till baby comes.

I also went to a chiropractor who specializes in pregnancy today. She can help the pelvis align better so the birth of the baby is smoother. She adjusted my pelvis and oh boy was that a surprise on how much “pop” sounds she gave me. They kinda scared me and were uncomfortable but she said baby is well protected. After the manual adjustments to my back, pelvis, and face/neck, she said she could see a big difference on how my back, posture, and neck lined up better than when I first walked in. She could clearly see in the beginning that since my left leg is shorter than the right how much I will need adjustments to get my body to not be so uneven, I also have a slight curved lower and upper back.

I found out about my back problems when I was around 11 years old and couldn’t touch my toes. It could be from genetics or from when I was in the womb with my twin sister. It’s the reason I used to hunch so much when I was little and didn’t know it was a real problem that was out of my control. I was sent to a hospital for a few years that specializes in curved backs but eventually quit going, I was too young to care I guess. It’s sometime I’ve always wanted to get taken care of though and so happy I found this place! She also said the adjustments will help my feet and charlie horse cramps!

Baby moved a lot during the adjustment so I think it will help with labor. I see the chiropractor again twice next week unless baby comes, and if that happens that would be OK. Whatever God decides is fine with me! The baby gets to get seen free for 6 months at this chiropractor place so I am just super pleased about that!


What’s changed or stayed the same since my last post:

  • More charlie horse attacks but upping calcium and magnesium helps tremendously!
  • We had a fabulous “last” date night.
  • I am getting some maternity pictures last minute tomorrow.
  • I am taking more naps later during the day which interfere with night time sleep.
  • We have the birthing tub cleaned and ready to go.
  • I need to find more old towels and receiving blankets this weekend.
  • Husband and I will be going through a checklist of items to have at home for when baby arrives.
  • I am drinking more of my pregnancy tea from the midwife.
  • Husband has been great at helping out with chores and cleaning!

This Saturday I’ll be 38 weeks! I am getting closer but since I haven’t gone this far it also feels not much is happening. I am kinda scared that my PCOS will interfere with labor.

Not sure I’ve talked about this but I have a spot on the back of my left heel towards the left side that’s been extremely painful to walk on or touch since this pregnancy started and the chiropractor did some adjustments to it and will continue to work on it for me. She thinks it can be due to either gaining weight from pregnancy and the fact that this leg is shorter than my right leg. And the crazy thing is right now as I type this, touching that spot doesn’t hurt as bad so the adjustment is helping!

Anyway wish me luck for when God decides it’s time for baby to arrive! Can’t wait to meet this little one!





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