An easy Creamy Italian Chicken recipe

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I am not sure how I ended up looking for a creamy Italian chicken recipe, but I found several sites about it. I went with this one from Life as a Loft House.

What I loved about this recipe is that everything cooks in the crock-pot.

What I did different was use Italian seasoning instead of a packet of Good Seasons Italian dressing mix.

I literally took out 6 frozen chicken breasts out of the freezer around 10 am and placed them in crockpot. I added about 4-6 table spoons of Italian seasoning. I then opened up two cheap cans of cream of chicken (Winco brand) and poured them in. I also opened up a block of Winco brand cream cheese, cut it up into pieces and placed all over the top and then covered the crock-pot. I let all this cook on high for 4 hours and reduced it to low for the last 2 hours.

I boiled about 4 cups of brown rice noodles the last half hour before the crockpot meal was ready. This delicious cooking chicken made my home smell so good. My toddler woke up from her nap saying,  “Mmm, I smell something!”

We poured the chicken mixture over brown rice noodles and it was a hit. The toddler approved. The chicken was so juicy and tender I barely had to cut it apart and my daughter couldn’t tell what was a noodle from the chicken which was great because she ate the entire meal, normally she picks out the meat!

My husband said he’d give this 2 thumbs up, 5 starts, and an 11 out 10 to score how much he liked it. I thought this would be an easy crockpot freezer meal to make after the baby comes. I love quick and easy quick meals during the times we are sick and or I am pregnant in my third trimester!

Some notes:

*I am planning down the road to learn how to make my own better and healthier (a gluten, dairy, sugar free) version of cream of chicken. I found some recipes but haven’t had the time to experiment.

*I will add in chickpeas and mushrooms next time.

*I am not sure what I would add instead of cream cheese (for dairy free option) to this next time. Maybe a can of coconut milk?

If you know of healthy delicious substitutes don’t hesitate to comment.





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