35 Weeks and 4 Days Pregnant


Today is a big deal for me! I have reached 35 weeks plus 4 days of pregnancy! That means I’ve gone a week past from when we were convinced we needed our first daughter out almost 3 years ago! Yahoo!

I told my mother-in-law and a few friends that I am excited because I’ve  never reached this far in pregnancy! Now the next goal is to hit that 37 week mark. That means if I can reach 37 weeks, I can have my dream home birth! If baby decides to come anytime after that, it would be so wonderful. I am so anxious to meet her, but I am so nervous we don’t have enough done. I guess this is part of what everyone calls nesting. You want to get all the things done but feel overwhelmed.

What’s changed or stayed the same since my last post:

  • Long lasting heartburn almost 24/7 and no relief, and I’ve tried everything!
  • Legs and feet want to cramp up almost every morning.
  • I cannot bend down very good and my bump is more noticeable.
  • It’s getting harder to clean and organize when I feel short of breath, but I want to nest 24/7.
  • We’ll be having our last date night next week before the baby comes.
  • I am back to wanting/needing naps.
  • I don’t think it’s really hit my husband baby could be here in a week and a half at the earliest. Maybe it hasn’t really hit me either. She could also be here at the latest in 5 weeks.


There are still some things in baby’s closet that I want to organize but just looking at the stuff makes me feel overwhelmed. I need to send thank you cards to all the wonderful people who attended my baby shower. I also want to find a cheap king headboard for our bed but I haven’t had any luck.

Husband and I want to do a deep cleaning of our home before the baby gets here, and we joke we’d just rather pay a company to do it for us just one time.

I am looking forward to the weekend of the oct 21st. Our precious toddler will be staying with my parents who live out of town for two days while hopefully hubby and I can clean, organize, etc. That could also be the weekend baby can come at the earliest. But if she doesn’t, we can at least clean my toddler’s room and play room without her putting things back all over the place within 5 minutes. I will miss her so much but I know she’ll be in good hands. Big sis says she’s ready for little sister. I can’t wait to see how she actually does when the new baby is here.


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