34 Weeks Tomorrow!


Tomorrow, October 1, 2016, I officially hit the 34th week of my 3rd pregnancy! Whoa, time is going by so fast and yet so slow at the same time.

Tomorrow we can officially announce this below since our due month is November:

dada03b929521f2e3116cbcd13dc1530The real goal for us, is to make it past 34 weeks and 3 days (October 5th) because that was when my husband and I let a horrible OBGYN convince us our first child needed to be out of me due to nutrients and small size. Well our “small” baby came out at 5lbs and 1 ounce and was well nourished. Not small at all.  Now we know better to always get a 2nd or 3rd opinion if any doctor is trying to make stupid claims. You live and you learn, right?


A week and a day ago, I was blessed enough to have a free ultrasound. We were able to see our baby girl sucking on her toes, drinking the amniotic sac, taking breaths, and we got to see her punch and kick the doppler. It was amazing!  It was truly incredible to witness for my husband and I. I don’t think I ever saw a baby inside me via ultrasound that long ever. With my first daughter we had more ultrasounds and they were usually 20-25 minutes long, but she kept her hand in front of her face so we didn’t get to see an early image of what she might look like. But she came out way cuter and prettier than I could have ever imagined.

Just like my first daughter, the new baby coming end of October/November wouldn’t reveal her face. Baby girl loved having her foot covering her face the whole time, for over an hour. These girls just don’t want their beauty revealed before they are born I guess. 😉 🙂

Not the best image but it shows how much she loves her toes!

Now that I am further in this pregnancy here are some new changes at this stage:

  • I still get the urge to nest a lot! I do however get too tired very quickly.
  • Sometimes I feel like I have trouble breathing.
  • Heartburn has gone down but then it will hit me randomly. Tums is the only thing that gives relief.
  • Headaches come and go but aren’t as bad anymore.
  • Charlie horses are trying to attack my calves almost every early morning. Taking this stuff called Natural Calm powder mix which has calcium, potassium, and magnesium at night seems to help with this. I had a charlie horse in my shin area a week ago or so, that was extremely more painful than a charlie horse in the calf. I haven’t gotten another since.
  • My feet still ache but they’re not as painful as they use to be.
  • I think my chest has gone up at least 5-6 cup sizes now. Sorry, but whoa they’re huge! This is different than when I had my first pregnancy.
  • I eat about 2 artichokes a week. They just hit the pregnancy spot for me!
  • Also big news! Baby has moved from my right side to my left side. I guess this is where obs/midwifes want baby to stay when it is time to birth!

I’ve already read numerous books (most free from the library) about natural pregnancy and childbirth. I fully understand now what to anticipate when my body goes into labor. We also had our midwife come over a few nights to teach us about how the hormones play a role in labor and what exactly happens in birth. We didn’t need to take a childbirth class at the hospital or wherever else, we had one in our home, with just hubby, I, and the midwife. How awesome is that! A perk to prepare for a home birth.

d49d34d106fa4d9910e77d819e1a829aA few people have asked me if my midwife will give me pain meds during labor or as I go through birth. And the beauty to this question is that there are natural ways to cope with pain that I’ve read about and some friends of mine have shared with me what helped them cope with pain during their natural home births.

When you labor at home you are free to be in any position you want, low lights, no medical interventions or constant interruptions, and you don’t have to have your midwife keep checking you down there for dilation if you don’t want to.

For home birth pain management: There is breathing techniques, hpynobirthing techniques, the Bradley method, switching positions and being able to walk, stand, lay on your side or wherever you are comfortable as baby is trying to come out, having husband put counter pressure on your back or aches, massage, relaxation, hydration and eating, using hot and cold packs, laboring in a nice big warm tub, birth affirmations, reading favorite bible verses, sitting on a birthing stool or big yoga ball so you scan sway your hips, listening to uplifting music, watching something you enjoy, and so much more! If you’ve had a natural birth in the hospital and it was the worst ever, it could have been because you aren’t able to do any or most of these things listed above in the hospital.




I’ve been told at the hospital you’re most likely confined to a bed because you will be hooked up to an IV for fluids which restrains your movement. If you also opt to get induced and an epidural then you will not have the freedom to walk around or squat to get to a good birthing position. Most woman who have inductions and epidurals are forced to have babies on their backs, and with that they can have more tears or harder labors because gravity isn’t helping bring down baby. And if you did have this kind of birth you might have not had a bad experience and would never do a home birth.

I am fully aware that if my baby is stuck no matter what I do, or if I’ve labored way to long I might have to go the hospital for birth and have baby come out while on my back. All I truly want in the end is to be alive holding my baby and see her living!

No matter where one choses to have their baby, the most important thing about pregnancy and birth is that a mother and a baby are healthy and safe!




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