28 Weeks! (7 months!) A week Past The 3rd Trimester!



I am 28 weeks today! It’s great to be 7 months pregnant! I am a week past the 3rd Trimester!!! Woo! I have a lot of energy this week after battling a cold for a few days and my meal planning keeps getting better. Last night I tried out this recipe of lemon chicken. I always wanted to make a lemon chicken and this looked really easy. So happy it came out delicious! My husband isn’t the biggest fan of chicken but he loved this.

My only mistake is I added a whole can of coconut milk and I should have used less. The crazy part is that my husband I both agreed that we were happy I made the mistake because it added more sauce. We were full  after one piece of chicken breast with asparagus and mushrooms. You could add noodles or rice to this dish but I didn’t make any and happily didn’t need it.


Anyway I guess I am more in the “nesting” phase now. This means that as birth gets closer pregnant woman clean, clean, clean everything. They want their homes spotless for the baby’s arrival. The nice thing is the nesting gives me energy! After a few hours of cleaning though I need to rest. I get worn out a lot quicker these days. 😉

Some things that are new for me at this stage of pregnancy:

  • More energy!
  • Extreme heartburn daily!
  • Headaches aren’t as bad anymore! 🙂
  • I can eat more green veggies now!
  • Feet hurt but not swollen. I think it’s more manageable to walk now though.
  • Feeling more  baby movement at night when laying on my left side.
  • I have super strong cravings for artichokes!

I guess that’s about it, if something else comes up I’ll update this. Here’s to a happy 7 months down! Cheers!






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