25 Weeks and Feeling Great!


In the middle of my 23rd week of pregnancy, I slowly started gaining energy again. When I became a full stay at home mom beginning of January 2016, I got into and really forced myself into meal planning for dinners.

Meal planning was going great, and I loved it. You can find old posts about dinner meals here, here, here, here, and here. The last time I was really into meal planning was when I made this meal here back in May. I lost motivation as I was just way more fatigued in this pregnancy than the previous ones.

Now at 25 weeks, I am pretty proud of the things I came up with last week. One of my favorites was this Quick and Easy Chicken Pot Pie I made last Thursday:


This was so simple and quite delicious!  I’ll probably make it again in a few weeks! I can easily make it to provide a meal for family/friends who’ve had a baby or can’t cook due to medical reasons. My parents and niece were over when I made this and they said it was tasty as well. My daughter who claims she doesn’t like meat was caught eating the chicken inside this!

This week I have a lot planned and very excited about it!

Monday: Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry (on top of rice & or gluten free noodles)

  • My husband said this was one of his favorite stir fry recipes I’ve ever made. So glad it was super easy.

Tuesday: Shells and Cheese casserole

  • I am winging this but it’ll have tater tots, veggies, cheese, and smoked sausage.

Wednesday: Fish sticks and veggies

  • This is simple and easy and it’ll feed us all.

Thursday: Grilled Pork Chops and Veggies

  • We have frozen pork chops that have been sitting in our freezer for a while so my husband wants me to make a marinade for it and he will grill veggies also as a side. I found a marinade and if it comes out good I’ll update this post.

Friday:  Ham and Cheese Sandwiches

  • The only thing I won’t be adding to this recipe is the called for Dijon mustard. If you know me well, you’ll know I never use mustard in anything, I can’t stand it and don’t find it necessary in any food. This recipe looks really good. I think my whole family will enjoy it.

Saturday: Pizza Bake

  • I’ll use a different biscuit mix than the one this recipe calls for. I’ll also use my own homemade pizza sauce I make out of tomato paste. This looks really good though. It’ll be the first time I make a pizza bake dish. I am excited!

This weeks dinner theme is really just quick and easy meals.

My best friend and I have been sending each other recipes back and forth because we’re both stay at home mothers expecting our second child in the same month, and we don’t want to spend hours prepping meals. I am really thankful to have a lot of my energy back this week! And even more excited that I have reached 25 weeks with my little growing baby. Only 15 more weeks or so, pregnancy goes by really fast!!!



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