Sauce It Up


A few weeks ago I found a recipe for Beef Bourguignon which turned out delicious! On that site I learned how easy it is to make a simple gravy out of butter or meat drippings/fats. I usually have a lot of chicken broth on hand and my daughter and I eat a lot of brown rice noodles from the Winco bin.

I thought making our own gravy-ish sauce would be really nice to add on to the noddles instead of making a soup like I usually do. It was simple. I took about 2 tables spoons of butter and 2 table spoons of flour and mixed it together in a pan over medium heat. Once a paste was made I added salt, pepper, and paprika. I grabbed 1-2 cups of chicken broth and mixed it in, after a quick boil I had a gravy sauce!

This tasted like a delicious chicken gravy, and you can add more chicken broth, milk, or water for the kind of thickness you want. It would probably taste even better with chicken fat/drippings, but I usually don’t have that on hand.

Since then, I’ve been obsessed with making sauces for noodles. I have even substituted cornstarch for flour to be “gluten free” and I get the same flavor but a different consistency. Cornstarch seems more clumpy but maybe I just don’t have it down yet. I’ve also used coconut oil instead of butter to make it dairy free, but to be honest the gluten flour and dairy butter make the gravy taste a tad better.

The nice part of having a gravy on hand is that my daughter eats up her noodles and I don’t have to worry about her eating enough during lunches/dinners. My next experiment will be adding spinach to the sauce without her noticing!

I tried to make a cheese sauce yesterday and it turned out OK. I used milk instead of broth and added about a 1 cup and a half or cheddar cheese. It was tolerable but didn’t quite taste so cheesy. Oh well at least I can make a delicious chicken gravy!!!

I will probably never buy the store mix stuff ever again. From here I will be experiment by making all sorts of sauces (enchilada, white, hot, beef, turkey, and cheese sauces) and dairy/gluten free alternatives as well.








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