Almost 16 Weeks… Baby Update

Not my pic above. Picture from here.

Tomorrow I’ll be 16 weeks pregnant! That’s basically 4 months down and 6 months to go! I hopefully get to hear the  baby’s heartbeat at my appointment with my midwife tomorrow at 2pmish. Next Thursday I’ll possibly getting to see what the gender is. I made an appointment with this ultrasound place but due to financial reason might wait another 2 weeks to get it done.

I am in no rush to know the gender, whether it’ll be another girl or boy I will be happy either way. I just want a healthy baby and it is exciting to know that way I can organize the girl clothes I already have or start seeing if anyone of my friends or family members have boy hand-me-downs.

My husband and I started a google document where we can both look and edit a document through our google accounts. The document is called baby names and I’ve written a list of names I like for either gender and he’s added names he likes. We aren’t taking it serious till we know the gender, another reason why I’d like to know any day now.

A friend of mine recently asked if I could feel the baby move yet and I wish I could say yes. Truth is, I am not really sure. I never really felt my daughter move around me 3 years ago and she was taken out of me early. I never really got to count the kicks or anything before she was born. I don’t have anything to relate to as my friend did with her son.

I hope this time around I’ll start feeling movement in about 3 weeks, my friend said she felt her son at 19 weeks. I do hear funny noises coming from my stomach at night, but that feels like gas bubbles so I can’t rely on that.

This 3rd pregnancy is so different from my first and 2nd. My 2nd pregnancy ended so early (8 weeks in utero) that the only thing I remember with that baby is waking up extremely hungry very early on. I didn’t have that with my 1st baby or current baby.

This current pregnancy (#3) is so much different than when I was carrying my daughter in 2013. Some of the differences are: (These are not complaints just observations.)

  • My feet have been hurting since the last 2 months or so.
  • I am way more tired this time around.
  • My chest has been sore every day since the last 2 months. I feel a lot more heaviness and soreness every morning.
  • Looking at pictures of food at night will make me extremely hungry.
  • Headaches are more severe and frequent.
  • I’ve gained weight a lot quicker.
  • I’ve been sick with a cold for months off and on.

And with all 3 pregnancies I never really had morning sickness. Some say I am lucky but I always thought it would make pregnancy feel more real. All I know is if I had it I wouldn’t complain or cry about it since I know pregnancy goes by fast and so many people who can’t have kids would kill to be in my shoes.

I am very thankful to God that I have made it this far. With a previous miscarriage for baby #2, it hasn’t been easy to enjoy this current pregnancy, that miscarriage has scared me forever. But I work at it everyday to trust God with this current blessing. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.






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