Prayers for my friends

If anyone is reading this, please pray for two friends today.

The first one is from high school and struggled with infertility. After years of trying for a baby she was pregnant and due in August of this year. I don’t know the details but her baby girl arrived end of April and was in NICU in Seattle. She passed away today at only 17 days old. Her parents are heartbroken and devastated as it seemed like things were progressing. Please pray for these parents, they are hurting so much today, and this pain will probably last forever.

My second friend found out she was pregnant with baby #2 several weeks ago but found out on Monday her baby is measuring weeks behind and she also has had bleeding, which is similar to what she went through in 2014. I pray that this isn’t the same outcome and that she doesn’t have a 2nd miscarriage! No one should have to go through one. Keep her in your prayers!

With that being said it makes me think of when would be a good time to announce our news for baby #2 on Facebook… If you have a baby after miscarriage they are called rainbow babies. I hope we get to see our rainbow baby.

with all this sadness going around today, we probably won’t post our news for a few more weeks, I hope to also to get another ultrasound before just to make sure everything is going well.

I found an idea that I liked on pinterest that would honor the baby we lost year because that baby and the current baby growing inside me both have November as their due Month, just a year apart. This is really important to my husband and I to acknowledge. This is the picture we are mimicking:

Pic from here.

The pic above is honoring the baby they lost. I thought this was perfect for us. I was so excited about trying to reenact it that I wasn’t going to tell anyone about it other than my mother about it. But I did end up telling a few others, and one person told me they didn’t get the one miracle above me and that no one is going to remember I miscarried last year. I didn’t realize till hours later because there was a lot going on when that was said how cold and hurtful that comment was.

When I talked to my mom and husband about it they agreed that I should ignore that comment because we don’t need the whole world to get it, and that most people will get it, and not to worry.

This made me think of our first announcement 3 years ago when we posted about our daughter. We used 2 laptops and a baby laptop next to the big laptops with my husband and I in the background. I had a few friends message me that they didn’t get it at first and a few comments that said it took them a while to get it. So that just goes to show you can think you have the best idea and no matter what some people won’t get it until they see other comments. That’s what I am hoping will happen when I decide to post our current announcement picture at the end of the month.

Please pray that this pregnancy will continue to progress. Being a victim of miscarriage makes me still terrified on a daily basis that this is too good to be true and that something bad is waiting to happen.

Back to my friends, I pray for comfort and healing, and that they can have God by their side no matter how big the storm or how dark things seem right now.


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