A complicated shopping experience…


This is how my expression was today.

My sister is coming over for lunch tomorrow and she can’t eat red meat during lent which is going on now. We are both trying to avoid gluten type foods as they are not good for anyone with PCOS. I told her I had my gluten free brown rice macaroni noodles and I could make it into a seafood pasta. She agreed, this was one of our favorite Friday night meals growing up.

This morning my daughter and I headed out to our local Winco store and set out to find some seafood for the pasta. I found frozen pollock and baby shrimp. I then went to the canned fish section where I wanted to pick up tuna. I was about to grab just any can with water and after the several few different brands I looked at, only the Winco brand had real tuna and less ingredients then the rest. I can’t believe I found sugar and soy in some of them that claim just water on the front! What the heck! Crazy stuff. Same went with the clams and canned crab meat. I had to comprise on some.

I had no idea that a small can could have so many unnecessary ingredients and hidden added sugars. That makes me so angry, it’s bad enough this food comes in cans instead of jars. Needless to say I try to avoid canned food as much as possible unless the ingredients are simple. This is why reading ingredients and food labels is important people! It doesn’t take very long and the more you know what’s in your food the better!

Woman checking food labelling



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