Romantic At Home Dinner Date Night

Pic here


Last night, I planned a romantic date night for my husband and I to have at home. My husband has been working hard at his job for years and I wanted to show my appreciation, but I also kept this as a surprise. I guess it could have been easily interpreted as saying thanks for being cool about me staying at home full time with our daughter!

None the less, we’ve had many in-home date nights through our marriage, but this home date stood out because for the first time in a long time I dressed up as if we were going out somewhere fancy.



This is what I had literally planed out in my email:

tomorrow night’s dinner

main course: cheeseburger macaroni

Wear sexy dress,  sexy lingerie, put on some jewelry, do makeup and hair, wear heels and perfume, paint finger nails.

I hardly wear jewelry, but I wore a beautiful fitting gold dress and shoes with a flashy necklace and long flashy ear rings as seen in the pic above. I did my makeup, the full thing… painted nails, put on foundation, powder, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, makeup setting spray. I had my hair curled and dabbed on a perfume that my husband loves all over me. I went far enough to even buy a candle so we could have somewhat of a candlelight dinner experience.


Hair curled. Jewelry on… apron on.

This is a little hard to admit on here since my family members and close friends might read this post but… (Oh, who am I kidding, I don’t think anyone I know actually reads any of my posts) I felt sexy, attractive, and confident. I knew my husband would be surprised of having this sexy dinner date night, and I knew he’d enjoy every moment of our evening.


I found this recipe the other day and was very interested in trying it out. I wanted something meaty and delicious and this recipe seemed to have both. It’s called cheeseburger macaroni, which is a better and healthier version of Hamburger Helper’s.  I subbed the regular macaroni noodles for gluten free brown rice noodles.  I get my brown rice noodles from the bins. This was a gluten free meal.

We had champagne for drinks and then we combined orange juice in our glasses to enjoy mimosas. It paired well. We ate our cheeseburger macaroni with hot sauce. I wish I added broccoli or mushrooms to this but putting in a vegetable slipped my mind when I planned this all out.

The best part is after my husband ate half of his meal I revealed I used gluten free brown rice noodles and he said he couldn’t even tell!  He went on to finish his plate:. ) Our daughter also ate spoonfuls of this meal. Another one to add to our list of favorites. It was so quick and easy to make.

My husband kept telling me I looked great all night and was being super affectionate. 🙂 It was fun that he could come home after a hard work week, unwind, and not think about work all night.  We had a wonderful evening!


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