Bok Choy Chicken Deliciousness!


I found this recipe on pinterest. I thought it looked pretty easy. I wasn’t sure if anyone in my family including myself would like bok choy since it’s a vegetable. I thought we could give it a chance. This recipe calls to put bok choy chicken over rice but I bought quinoa instead.

When it was time to prepare this meal yesterday I had no energy. I took out 3 large frozen pieces of chicken breasts and thawed them in hot water. I started cutting up the bok choy and then went on to make the sauce for this meal. I had no motivation to make a side dish. My husband asked if he could help out with anything and I said no. I told him we could eat chips and salsa before the Bok Choy Chicken was done. So we started munching on chips and salsa.

When the chicken finished cooking, I served it for all three of us. My daughter started to eat it! She can be picky with meat. I took out the bok choy out of her bowl since I know she will just avoid it anyway.

My husband loved this recipe. Bok choy will be added to our list of greens to buy.  I loved the flavors of everything in this recipe and I used coconut sugar instead of regular sugar to make this more PCOS and diabetic friendly. I wish I had cooked some quinoa since it’s easy to make, but we’ll do that next time.  I will have to buy more bok choy when I make this again, it really cooks down. When the chicken is thawed before hand this is a pretty quick meal to make.

It felt really good to have another Asian inspired meal to eat, since we love Asian food. I’ll have to make this for my friends and family and see what they think. Below is a picture of my creation, not quite like the pinterest picture.




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