Switching Roles


Last night I planned to have pork chops with a side of broccoli and cheese sauce for dinner. This would be probably the only dinner tonight that my husband and I would make together this week due to an eventful week planned.

I bought the pork chops last week and didn’t use them until last night. My husband has made several pork chops in the past so I asked if he wanted to cook them. He had no problem doing so and looked up a recipe online. He used this website as a guide. I told him I wanted to also include the mushrooms that were about to go bad with the pork. My husband browned both sides of the pork on a frying pan and set them aside. He then poured cooking wine and other items into the same pan and cooked the mushrooms and garlic. Once they were done he added the pork back in to fully cook.

While my husband worked hard to cook the main dish, I found a quick cheese sauce for broccoli online here and made my own adaptions. I added more cheddar cheese and an extra table spoon of butter. I also used 1 table spoon of flour and 1 table spoon of cornstarch to thicken the sauce. We only have organic whole milk at my house so I used it instead of the 2% the recipe originally calls for. After I added the extra table spoon of butter this sauce came out super cheesy and delicious. To give it a more cheese color I added paprika along with salt and pepper to taste. I love paprika! Next time I will try to use 2 tablespoons of cornstarch and no flour to make the sauce gluten free.

After the cheese sauce was made and tested by my husband, I went on to chop up the broccoli. I then steamed the broccoli in a metal colander on top of a pot  filled with water. I covered the pot with a clear lid. while my husband was finishing the pork. The pork chops were thick pieces so that’s why they took longer than we were used to. The broccoli took a lot longer to steam then I thought so it was perfect that the pork chops cooked slow.


I served the pork chops and broccoli with cheese sauce on our brown plates. There’s been studies that people who eat on darker plates, like blue or brown, tend to eat less. And sure enough after one big pork chop and half our plates filled with the broccoli and cheese we were full!  Even though my husband had tested the cheese sauce earlier, he took a bite of his broccoli covered in cheese and commented somewhere along the lines of, “the cheese sauce is BOMB!” 🙂 Aww, It is always rewarding when people enjoy the food you make.

We made a lot of pork chops so my husband took some to work this morning for lunch. The last picture below is again of our lovely and tasty dinner we created last night. The picture would probably look better and clearer if the meal was served on a white plate like you see at restaurants.

When it comes to cooking dinners together,  I usually prep the main dish so it was exciting to switch roles where I was working on the side dishes instead. 🙂

My husband and I make a great cooking team.




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