Fun Yet Busy Week


My week is going to be a fun but busy one.


I am watching my best friend’s daughter today from 8-5. This has been the 3rd time I’ve watched this little gal in the last 3 weeks. She’s cute as a button, stubborn, and enjoys our company, but boy do my daughter and her get possessive of toys and try to take them away from each other. They both don’t quite get what sharing really means.

I don’t get many chores done when I am constantly keeping an eye on the girls.

Tuesday: Every Tuesday for the next couple of weeks will be my cleaning day. I make a list of all that I know I can finish and go from there. The list always include that I sweep and mop all floors to prepare for a bible study in my home on Wednesday mornings, and to always have the dishes done. This Wednesday will be our first week starting. I am pretty excited.

I also invited over my first babysitter who watched my daughter around 6 weeks old to visit Tuesday around 3. I don’t think she’s seen my daughter for the last year. I doubt my daughter will remember her, but she loves visitors. It’ll be nice to catch up.

Wednesday: Bible study day! My mother-in-law will come over a little before 10am to make coffee for our study. I’ll have to get one more chair out from downstairs, probably a lawn chair to accommodate my company. This is a small study, only 4 adult women from church including myself. One friend who will be joining just moved to the area, and moved super close to me. I think this study will be good for all of us.

Thursday: I will be taking my daughter to a friend’s home in the same town around 11am. This friend is from my church and also has a toddler, and to be honest we really haven’t had a chat with just the two of us in a really long time. I am hoping we can re-connect somehow since it’s pretty obvious we aren’t as close as we use to, I have no idea why this happened, and sometimes I think it’s for the best since she doesn’t seem to notice or care. Maybe I’ll figure this out on Thursday after we hang out. We’ll be having some lunch before my friend has to go teach a class.

Friday: I have an ultrasound scheduled to see if I have any follicles this cycle that might mature and hopefully help with ovulation but we won’t know till Friday. I’ll be dropping off my daughter at the home of my friend who just moved here while I head to my appointment. She has a son close to my daughter’s age and I think they’ll play well together since they will every Wednesday for a few weeks due to the bible study. I think after my ultrasound my friend and I will have to put our toddlers down for a nap but when they wake up I will suggest taking a walk if it’s a nice day. The weather’s been iffy every week.

This is my eventful week plan. I normally don’t have many friends visiting during the week, and I certainly don’t visit friends very much plus host a bible study in one week, but I am thankful I now have the time to do so. Off to my Google calendar to see if I have time next week to catch up with two other friends I haven’t seen in a while.


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