Cooking with the Husband


My husband loves to help out when I cook in the kitchen, as you might have read in last’s week post, but frankly it’s not on a daily or any type of basis. Some nights he volunteers, and some nights I ask him to help whip up a salad or some side dish, some nights I make dinner without anyone’s help.  I love that when I do ask my husband to help, he never complains and says it’s fun while he sips a beer.

This week I don’t have much planned. Tonight we will eat together but have different meals of our liking, I call this a free dinner night.

Tomorrow I hope to make pork chops, and have broccoli with a cheese sauce on top as a side (haven’t found a cheese sauce to follow yet), there’s a ladies’ night Wednesday… so again it’ll be a free dinner night where we have sandwiches or something else we want to eat. I’ll make fish tacos Thursday or Friday. I haven’t decided which day yet. And that’s as far as it goes for meal planning this week. I feel like I failed this week but I know we won’t starve, we have plenty of groceries. Occasionally we have an impromptu meal, which I know will happen one day this week.

I need to visit my husband’s older sister soon and see how she plans frozen meals, I’d love to be able to whip out a homemade frozen meal like her :), I have yet to even know how to master that. I’ll get to try planning better again for next week on Saturday.

I had a lot of fun cooking with my husband last week, he helped out with dinner for 3 nights! And sitting here while my best friend’s daughter is napping, I just realized we had 3 unplanned in-home date nights last week, a few days short of Valentine’s day! 🙂  Woohoo! 🙂

This week hubby and I won’t be cooking that many meals together, and I am more than OK with that, and so is he! 🙂


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