This Week’s Dinner Plan


I am down 3 pounds so far this year! And 6lbs down from where I was at Christmas. For those who don’t know I’ve been stuck at a certain weight that I am OK with but not completely satisfied since my miscarriage last March. In March, (just around the corner) it’ll be a year since that bad part of my life history happened. After a year and no luck of having another child, we’ve chosen to look into adoption. I said in the beginning of this blog, my small linchpin bunch wants to grow (in some way or another), and since we aren’t successful yet at having additional children, we are looking into the options of being able to give an unwanted child parents: adopting. It’ll be a long process, so in the mean time I am having fun coming up with good dinner meals that won’t cause the weight scale to surge.

Eating right is the only way I can maintain my weight. This week’s meal plan was inspired by Able James who says eating fat helps burn fat. He also helped someone lose 87lbs in 14 weeks! It was for TV though, and they also added insane exercise, but I still love the message he presented on the TV show. I’ve been following what he said on that show for the last 3 years but I found out through my chiropractor first that eating fats and going low carb is the best way to be.

As always, I forget to take pictures of the food I make. Trust me though, the meals looked amazing and colorful. Here’s a rundown of what we ate for dinner and are going to eat for the week.

Monday: Carna Asada and a Hearty Spinach Salad

Able James has a recipe for steak and brussel sprouts on his page, so I went to the grocery store and they were out of brussel sprouts. I bought kale and arugula for a salad to have instead. I then headed to the meat section and saw carna asada that wasn’t as expensive as steak loins so I bought them in replacement of the loins. My husband helped prepare the salad as I was cooking the carna asada in a pan with chipotle powder, salt and pepper.

We put small sweet peppers, pumpkin seeds, pecans, tomatoes, and avocado with our spinach salads. We ate our salad first so we could get fuller faster by the time it was to have a few pieces of meat. We also put salsa on top of the meat. This is PCOS friendly and diabetic friendly. And not to mention delicious!

Tuesday: Hot Chicken Tenderloins and Fruit Arugula Salad.

I found a hot wings recipe on Able Jame’s website. I don’t love wings so I decided to get a cheaper cut of chicken and use tenderloins for this recipe. I added coconut oil to a pan fry the tenderloins. While they fried I put a 1/2 cup of Frank’s hot sauce and a half cup of butter together in a separate pan and let it melt together. I don’t know where to buy grass fed butter and it probably costs more here so for the meantime I am using regular butter. You could sub coconut oil instead of butter but I am not sure how the taste will be.

Once the tenderloins were done I took them out and poured the sauce over them. I am excited for this. My husband likes helping so he put together the fruit salad. The salad ingredients were arugula, feta cheese, pecans, and apples. We also like adding avocado and cinnamon. We then pour some olive oil and balsalmic vinegar over the entire salad. The salad is an adaptation we learned from my mother-in-law.

Wednesday: Left overs from Monday.

I took out left over carne asada and warmed it up in the microwave. I then poured lime juice and olive oil, salt and pepper on the meat. I used the meat as a tortilla and filled them with avacodo and kale and ate this like tacos. I also had chips and salsa as a side. This was pretty filling. I had 3 tacos. This is PCOS and diabetic friendly. I originally wanted to make Cowboy burgers for Wednesday but we had so many left overs from Monday and Tuesday. That will change if we get the chance to expand our family, in the meantime, I always make too much food. Hubby had the left over chicken for Wednesday’s dinner.

Thursday: Homemade Cowboy Burgers with Bacon and Homemade Fries

This was my favorite meal of the week, and let me tell you it was so fun making with my husband!  When I searched more recipes from Able James, I came across his Facebook post about burgers. This looked so easy and good. For our side we are going to have homemade fries made out of organic potatoes. We use organic potatoes because potatoes are heavily sprayed with pesticides and other horrible possible cancer causing chemicals that have show to enter their skins and our bodies if we eat those. It was my husband’s idea to have homemade fries.

Normally I try to stay away from potatoes but I am Ok with an occasional starch, especially if my husband wants to make it. While I worked on cooking the bacon and making the patties, my husband was heating coconut oil in a pan to fry the potato fries. He seasonsed them with Johnny’s seasoning after and then he melted cheddar cheese on top. After I cooked a lot of bacon I crumbled a few pieces to add to the meat patties. The meat patties were made out of  1lb beef,  half cup of shredded cheddar cheese, minced garlic, chipotle powder, a pinch of cayanne pepper, salt and pepper, and bacon pieces. It was fun cooking them in the bacon grease on the frying pan. This was my first time ever making homemade burgers and my husband loved the flavor of them. I topped our patties with more cheddar cheese and bacon. We then put avocado slices and tomatoes on top and ate them with a side of fries topped with cheese. Surely I thought I was going to gain the 2lbs I currently lose with all this cheese and a little potatoes, but I was wrong! I actually lost a pound.

Best tastiest meal of the week! I will make this again next week but I will probably sub the fries with a hearty salad.


Friday: Fish

Change of plans this week, I am visiting my hometown for the afternoon and my parents are not eating red meat on Fridays till after Easter. I am excited for all the fish items they are making, one of my favorites is a crab pasta salad. I will fill up on a lot of protein tonight, so I know that will keep my weight in check.

This week’s dinner has been super tasty and exciting! I know this will help me stay fit. It might help you and your family as well!











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