Costco Trip


For the first time ever, I went to Costco this past week without my husband. I’ve never gone alone before because there are so many heavy things we buy from Costco and I can’t lift things easily. Now that I am at home more with my daughter I had to suck it up and go.

The best part is my daughter is a great shopping companion. She doesn’t cry or whine at the store. She likes sitting in the shopping cart. She’s the perfect angel when it comes to going out for groceries. And strangers adore her. My daughter is at the stage where she loves to point at people, especially kids. I think it is adorable.

One of the first things we spotted and my daughter asked for was the Kirkland Signature Gourmet Jelly Beans. I told her I’d get them if she tinkles or more in the potty. She smiled and said “potty” so I think she was agreeing to the terms.  My toddler turns 2 soon and she loves to sit on the toilet lid seats for kids that I bought on craigslist for 2 dollars. Instead of having a small potty that you have to clean out, this kids lid fits most toilets so the child learns to go potty in the actually toilet. To me this seemed to be the right choice for us and it doesn’t require a lot of cleaning.

On Monday (after a few weeks of sitting on the potty and no action) my daughter finally tinkled in the toilet and it was a happy moment for all 3 of us. When we got back from Costco on Wednesday, I put away the jelly beans in a spot my daughter couldn’t reach. Thursday morning we had breakfast and my daughter  finished it all up she requested “potty” and that means she wants to sit on the potty. I helped her get on and told her I would be right back to get the jelly beans in case she actually goes potty. By the time I came back she had done it, she went potty! I was so happy I gave her about 3 jelly beans. I could see my daughter was so proud! In a short amount of time my daughter has learned to tinkle and more on the potty, 8 days before she turns 2! I didn’t think it would be this fast.

I never forced her or pushed her to potty train. I was content knowing she’d go when she was ready. All I did was read her a potty book, buy the toilet seat lids that she saw and wanted to sit on. With a little patience and a small motivation of jelly beans from Costco, she can use the potty now. We still have more training to do but it feels good to have the basic idea down with her. There a few times where she still sits on the toilet and nothing happens. It’ll be a while before I can say she’s fully potty trained.

We bought a few more beneficial items at Costco on Wednesday, and the heaviest things for me were the Kirkland laundry soap and the canned dog food. But I did it and I was able to bring it all home. Going to Costco without my husband isn’t intimidating anymore.

I also love all the organic and non GMO foods Costco is starting to carry!!! I  love this trend! I can’t wait till it expands even more. Thankful for Costco!



As much as I try to avoid giving my daughter sugary foods, I am ok with giving her a small jelly bean as a reward for going potty. She doesn’t eat much candy  in general because we don’t buy candy often. I believe a jelly bean here and there isn’t going to ruin her health for the rest of her life. The jelly beans claim to at least have some real fruit or fruit juice in it.


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