What we ate tonight: Slow cooked Pork with romaine lettuce! :)

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This picture is from my cell phone!

As we were getting closer to move a few weeks ago, and after I put in my two week notice at work, I started to look up ideas for dinners to feed my family after my last day working for a corporation. I knew Tuesday would be my official first day as a stay at home person, so I wanted to have dinners planned this week (Tueday-Saturday). I will try to meal plan for the week prior every Saturday. I think we will use Sundays as a day where we can make whatever we want for each other or ourselves with what we have.

For this week, I found dinner meals I wanted to try on Women’s Day webpage. I made a quick chicken curry with vegetables last night and I didn’t have a camera or phone or anything to capture the beauty and deliciousness of that meal. Needless to say my husband loved it and was very impressed, and the recipe called for onions but as always I try to avoid onions as much as possible. I found that meals for me are just as pleasant without them and their smell and taste I can’t stand.

I don’t think my husband was expecting my new meal creations to work out so well but we are so happy they did! The bonus was that my toddler was eating the curry served over red quinoa! She can be so picky with meat. The curry had peas which she loves. We topped the red quinoa (cooked with chicken broth) with the chicken curry and it just made this meal so filling.

Since we loved the chicken curry so much from this website, I felt confident that tonight’s dinner: Asian inspired slow cooked pork with tangy dressing in a wrap would be just as scrumptious. There were a few twists to this particular recipe that I made.

It called for brown sugar, and as you know I am always trying to avoid refined processed sugar, I substituted it with my organic brown coconut palm sugar. I was nervous to do this because I wasn’t sure if it would work out the same.  I didn’t have red pepper flakes (I gave them away to my mother in law a few weeks ago) so I used a pinch of cayenne pepper as a replacement. I also can’t stand cabbage (it’s the texture) so I omitted that and added an extra carrot instead. The last twist was that I added small chunks of avocado as a topping and used romaine lettuce instead of flour tortillas. Using the romaine made us feel like we were at an Asian restaurant where they have appetizers and meals that have meat and veggies served over large lettuce pieces.

When it comes to pork roasts, I thought it would be better to let it cook on low for 7-8 hours instead of high for a shorter amount. I pulled the pork out of the freezer and thawed it a little under hot water. I then followed the recipe and let it cook. After an hour of slow cooking, the aroma from the roast wafted my entire home, it was amazing. Each hour after the aroma was stronger and lovelier.

When my husband came home from work he commented on how good the house smelled. We both couldn’t wait to taste this meal. After I served up the romaine lettuce pieces with the pork and dressing, we sat down and prayed. We then took a bite out of our “tacos” and I saw my husbands eyes roll way back. I could tell he was extremely pleased with each bite. Even though I didn’t make this recipe from scratch, thank God for Google searches, he kept complementing  how great tonight’s meal was. He’s looking forward to tomorrow’s dinner which will be a beef and vegetable stir fry from the same website served on top of left over red quinoa.


I had two lettuce shelled pork tacos tonight and they filled me up quickly. The toddler didn’t love this meal tonight but she didn’t hate it. We are stoked that the roast makes a ton of left overs so my husband is taking some to work tomorrow! And I’ll be having a few lettuce wraps for lunch tomorrow. I am so joyed with this meal that I will share this recipe with everyone and anyone who wants to add a delicious Asian twist to their food lifestyles.



  • I read once that oranges have a low glycemic number and if that’s true then this is a diabetic and pcos friendly meal.



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