Our Diamond in The Rough

Picture from here.

We’ve been super busy with packing and moving and barely this week it feels like we are able to unwind. I haven’t been able to sit and write about this adventure until now, and I’ll do my best to have a post once in a while or at least more frequent. We packed up everything in our old apartment in about 5 days. The quickest we have EVER packed. This was also right before Christmas, it was hectic. But when I am inside my lovely 2400 sq ft home, and especially in my kitchen, I can’t stop smiling. I love the decision we made to buy this home. All the things we did to move in here asap was so worth it.

I love our new home even though it was built in the 40s. It was remodeled in 1993, so it doesn’t have a 40s feel to us. You don’t see a lot of 40s home in the area with central heat and air so that’s a plus! Not to mention or maybe I have in previous posts but the kitchen is huge! Granite counter tops! Lots of them! Two sinks!  It has been so beneficial to have a small sink right across the stove, it makes it fast to drain things or add water to your pots, or a quick hand wash. And the bigger fuller sink with disposal is closer to the dishwasher. There’s a huge island (with a small sink and disposal installed) which also has a thick granite countertop slab. There’s A big sky light on top of the huge island.

There are actually two big skylights in this home. The skylights add natural light to home all day long. There’s instant hot water right near the big sink and a sprayer. There are over 36 cupboards and there are 4 lazy susans installed. There’s also pull out shelves in several bottom cupboards!

The best part of all about this kitchen is that there is a lot of room for both of us to cook in at the same time. All three of us can be in the kitchen at once. And in reality there could be 12 people in our kitchen with enough counter space for each! I could keep going on and on about this great kitchen. The owners of this home clearly enjoyed their customized kitchen.

As we were home shopping back in October ( I had been for over a year) my husband and I started to watch those home buying shows they have on Netflix for first time home buyers. We watched a lot of them to get ideas and to help see what the new home buyers made mistakes on. There were several episodes of where the women in particular kept telling their realtor they weren’t happy with what they were looking at and they just knew they’d find their diamond in the rough if they kept looking. And they were always right.

After viewing about 6 homes, and almost buying the 5th one (very grateful we didn’t) I can honestly say we found our diamond in the rough!  We are stoked about our spacious finished basement, there’s extra storage all over this home. And don’t worry, we won’t try to fill up every shelf ;).

Here’s a video I took when I received keys to our home. It’s our kitchen before we moved in:

And now that I’ve quit my job, my last day was yesterday, I have started to meal plan. Tonight I am making a quick chicken curry with vegetables and quinoa. I’ve never made it before but if it comes out well I will be posting about it soon. it’s diabetic, PCOS, and low carb friendly!

UPDATE: 1/6/16

There’s a wood pellet stove installed in the living room and we had it serviced today! It’s running right now and it feels nice and toasty in here! I forgot to mention this yesterday! Here’s a picture below:





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