Big changes are happening to us soon. I’ll be going from a full time employee to a stay-at-home mom/wife.

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Sometime this month we will be closing on a home and I can’t wait to get the keys. Our new home will be much bigger, more space, and closer to the area we want to live near. It will be nice not being in an apartment anymore, but we will be going from two incomes to one.

Last month, some of the residents here partied hard and a 17-year old left that party and ran into our car. We acted fast and the police arrested her for DUI and hit and run. As much as I get perks for living rent free on campus and managing the residents, I just can’t wait to get away from big complexes like this. Away from 17 year old drunks, small spaces, and people complaining about each other 24/7. I’ll miss the free rent, it was one of the greatest blessings to have had happen to us. It helped us get to our down payment goal for our new home.

The career in management I have obtained has also helped me realize I can buy property and rent out my own places since I have the 5+ years of experience. My long term goal is to be my own boss and to be able to work at home at my own pace. That way down the road we’ll have a bigger income. I don’t know when this will happen but it’s something I am looking forward to.

After I had my daughter in 2014, or even before we had her, we had made a goal that once we saved up and bought a home and if we had kids, I’d quit my job to be able to watch and raise them.

Right now, I drop off my daughter to a nice gal who has 2 daughters of her own. We get a great deal for using her as our sitter, she’s super affordable. She also watches my best friend’s daughter and was highly recommended. Our sitter also lives only about 5 minutes away from us. I started taking my little one to the sitters May of this year, after I took a full time job instead of a part time one. Every morning my daughter is so happy to wake up and have me with her. I change her, feed her, and get her dressed for “school” (what I call the sitter’s place). And every morning since I started taking her she almost always cries when I drop her off. She’s even screamed before. I feel like the worst person alive each time this happens. It breaks my heart. But since May, I knew we’d find a home by January so I’d tell myself, “Just a couple more months and this will all be over.”

I also see my friend’s daughter crying because she also hates being away from her mom. My daughter only had to experience this for about 8 months total. I couldn’t do it any longer than that. Leaving your child with someone else is so hard, but I know a lot of times people have to for work.

The only sitter my daughter is OK with during the week is her grandmother who lives in town. We were blessed to have my mother-in-law come pick her up once a week until I became a stay at home mother, real soon.

Since we will be living on one income and not have to pay for a sitter anymore, I’ve been making new budgets. I’ve also preparing myself to meal plan better. With my husband and I both being full time workers we tend to buy easy/ready to eat type of meals more often then cook our own meals. Once I am able to meal plan every Sunday, our grocery budget will be lower and affordable. We’ll cut out more processed foods as well. I can’t wait to use my big kitchen soon! I look forward to prepping meals for my husband to take to work.

When my husband and I get home from work the last thing we want to do is chores. We are so warn out for the day that we tend to wait till the weekend. And when the weekends come we just want to relax. So another plus of me working full time at home instead is that I’ll be able to keep up with chores like when I was part time stay at home earlier this year.

I also want to take my daughter to the awesome library and museums or whatever learning events there are around the town we are moving to. I also can’t wait till Spring, I am going to try to grow cauliflower! In the summer I want to grow tomatoes and peppers. I can’t wait to have more time and energy to do these things, and best part is I can show my daughter how to grown her own food as well.

Going on a tighter income will be a big change for my linchpin bunch, but one that will benefit our daughter, health, and daily function. The bright side is we get to own a home, one with over 2,300 sq ft. The kitchen as I’ve mentioned in a previous post is amazing, it’s so big, I am so excited!


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Since 2012, I was a part time manager living on a campus for free. I had to manage that campus, but we didn’t have to pay for electricity.

In May of 2015, I applied for a full time job to manage a campus and live on site so we could get to save more to buy a house in 2016. We are now buying a home just a few weeks before 2016 comes.







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