Beans, beans, beans! What I ate for lunch today.

link to the photo above.

I had a short lunch today because the owner of where I work was stopping in around 1:30, and I didn’t prep enough time to make my brown rice pasta noodles for a soup, which is what I have been craving these cold days. I went home around 11:42 and popped 2 frozen chicken tenderloins in the oven like I do for most of my soups. I went home for lunch around 12:10 and I had no patience to cook pasta so I took out a can of my organic pinto beans, drained them and rinsed them. I then put them back in a pot with two cups of vegetable broth to boil. I also added frozen peas just like in last night’s dinner.

Once the chicken was ready, I put about a cup of my beans and pea soup in a bowl with the chicken (shredded). I added more vegetable broth and threw it in the microwave for about a minute and a half. I finished with adding lemon/lime juice and spices.

Once I become a full stay at home mom, I will be making a lot of beans in the crock pot and freezing left overs. Beans freeze well.

I felt really good all day today and I believe it’s because I ate well. Sometimes I need something different than noodles and am glad I had a can of beans around!

*Note: I buy canned organic beans right now because the only ingredients in it are water, beans, and salt. A regular can of beans have added stuff to it that I don’t want to have in my system. Organic canned beans are pricier but I can afford them until the end of January when I leave my job. Once we are one income I’ll go back to buying beans in bulk and stop with the cans. Canned beans aren’t on the dirty dozen list so you don’t have to get it organic.


*This meal is PCOS friendly!




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