Vegetable Curry!

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I haven’t blogged in some time and I am still not pregnant after my miscarriage 9 months ago.  In fact, my body is very out of whack, I went 3 months to being regular to having no cycle at all. This is very depressing! My regular ob has put in a referral to a reproductive endocrinologist who only comes down once a month from a far away city. I am waiting for the ob’s office to set this up. It’ll probably be pricey but I’ve never seen one before so I pray they can help me. That’s enough about this today, what I really want to share is what I had for dinner tonight!

I am still making all kinds of soups for my lunches and  dinners. I have it down to where I now cook several pieces of frozen chicken tenderloins on a baking sheet with parchment paper at 400 degrees for about 25 minutes. When the chicken is ready, I get my veggie broth out and pour some in a bowl and throw a few pieces of shredded chicken in with spices, cooked brown rice noodles and or frozen veggies. This keeps my weight in check. I used up the last of my chicken tenderloins for lunch yesterday, and I didn’t feel like having soup for dinner this evening.

Instead I decided to make and eat two boiled eggs. While the eggs boiled, I knew I should get back into eating more veggies at every meal possible so I pulled out the broccoli from the fridge and chopped up about a half cup.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it exactly. I  thought maybe I could pour melted cheddar cheese on top but I ate too much cheese for lunch (lunch was a cheat meal without veggies. This only happens once every couple of months, I am not perfect! Cheese is so good!) and I was cheesed out for the day.

I know coconut milk is used in a lot of curries so I pulled out my 4 ounce jar of it. Here’s how to make your own coconut milk on Food babe. Instead of mixing it in a blender like she does, I pour my can of coco milk in a pan and add about 3 cups of water and warm it up. It seems to blend better that way for me. I then refrigerate my delicious coconut milk.

Knowing I had a lot of coconut milk on hand, I decided to make a veggie curry adapted from Mark Hyman. This was my first attempt so I wasn’t sure how it would come out. I took out ingredients I had on hand.

This turned out so wonderful! I felt great for eating veggies tonight! I am making it a goal to add more vegetables whenever possible especially for the winter season and to be creative with it. I finished my dinner with my two boiled eggs. The best part was that I was able to share the curry with my toddler who is pretty picky about her greens. And the spices weren’t too spicy for her. I think tomorrow I’ll sub broccoli for frozen cauliflower. I wish I had taken pictures. Oh well, next time. Below is the exact recipe.


Linchpin Mama’s Vegetable Curry:  (Serves 1)


1/2 cup raw or frozen chopped broccoli (with or without stem)

1/2 cup of frozen peas

2.5 ounces of coconut milk or any other type of milk

1.5 tablespoon of yellow curry powder

1 table spoon of coconut oil or your oil of preference

1.4 teaspoon of minced or fresh garlic

Salt and pepper to taste

A pinch of cayenne pepper (optional)


  1. Use a small saute pan to heat up the coconut oil.
  2. Add in the garlic and let it sweat for a few minutes.
  3. Add in a few dashes of salt and pepper.
  4. Add the broccoli, frozen peas and yellow curry powder to coat everything.
  5. Add a pinch of cayenne pepper. You can skip this or add more to your liking.
  6. Add in the coconut milk and let everything simmer for 5-10 minutes, just until frozen veggies are well cooked. Enjoy alone or with a side dish of protein and fruit.



*Peppers are heavily sprayed with pesticides and that’s why I only buy/use organic cayenne pepper.

*I used an organic vegetabe broth instead of chicken broths for my soups because all the chicken broths in the store that I find have some sort of added sugar whether it’s processed, artificially sweetened or synthetically made. No thanks, not for me! Please bring a Whole Foods to my town!!!

*Even though I have an egg food tolerance, it only seems to hurt my stomach if I eat 2 or more scrambled eggs. I have no side effects if I eat as many boiled eggs as I want! Weird right? Hope you enjoy this meal as much as I did!

*This meal is PCOS and diabetic friendly!


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