A homemade twist to your coffee or lattes

Pic taken from this site.

I am not a coffee drinker. I used to be in college and boy did I spend a lot on fancy delicious tasting mochas. They were so perfect for the long winters I had in college. I would buy one once I left the door of my apartment just to hold it nice and hot in my hands to help me stay a little warm on my walks to campus. It was so refreshing to get to the building I needed to and drink that delicious warm mocha. Mint mochas were my favorite… Mmm.

Anyway when I had my facebook page I remember I followed this gal who goes bye The chocolate covered Katie. She can make any dessert and put a healthy twist on it that actually tastes super good, the healthy part is very undetectable and sometimes the secret ingredient is a vegetable, I love this gal!. I know she makes incredible stuff from making her chocolate bars.  A lot of her sweeteners she uses are stevia, honey, or maple syrup. I mostly use organic coconut sugar or my homemade organic coconut sugar syrup.

I went to her site the other day and found this chocolate chip cookie dough latte recipe and I had all the ingredients so I decided to try it.

I modified it.

I took one can of coconut milk, the brand I used is called Thai coconut milk. It only has three ingredients: coconut, water, and guar gum. They say guar gum can upset stomachs so I want to get this brand on amazon but haven’t decided when to but it. They use BPA free cans and only have two ingredients: coconut extract and water.


1. Take one can of coconut milk and shake it well before opening. Or any milk alternative.

2. Pour it into a stainless steal pan or other other non-toxic (avoid non stick pans)  pan.

3. Let it warm up and add two table spoons of coconut sugar. I add about 2.5-3 table spoons.

4. Add two cap fulls or pure vanilla extract.

5. Add a few dashes of cinnamon. I love cinnamon.

6. Let it get to a medium boil and whisk everything.

7. Pour into a mug and enjoy a good serving of healthy fat (good fats promote weight loss) as a treat or use a a creamer replacement.

I forgot to add salt to this when I first made it. The 2nd time I made this with salt about 1/8 teaspoon tasted fine but I like the no salt version. You can try to add some salt to make this more cookie tasting.

Like Katie points out this can be a real latte if you add instant coffee to your mug. You can add anything else. This can be used a creamer instead and is much tastier and healthier then the store creamers. I added a little bit of ground cloves to my pot and some nutmeg to make me really anticipate that fall is coming. You could add pumpkin filling to this and coffee to make your own real pumpkin latte. The first time I made this i added in some of my homemade chocolate which really put me in a happy place. Raw no sugar added chocolate can help make you have a better mood. My homemade chocolate is delicious and won’t cause sugar spikes.

If you follow my recipe above this is a diabetic friendly drink or creamer for you coffee or non coffee drinkers. No need to add real white processed sugar or diabetes filled sweeteners to make your plain coffee sweet. This is also vegan and you could replace coconut milk with alternative milks such almond, hemp, soy, pistachio, etc. I hope you enjoy this. I can see myself making several batches for Fall… Mmmmm…

Oh p.s my husband really enjoyed this drink on Sunday morning before church. 🙂


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