I Am A Successful Weight Loss Story


I am a successful weight loss story after years of off and on struggling to maintain a good weight.

I was a chubby kid from about 3rd to 8th grade. 8th grade year is when I joined volleyball camp and remember being thinner, and I felt amazing. I continued to participate in sports in high school and then when it was time for college I went to the gym regularly since it was free and fun to do with friends.

My weight started to go back up when I was done with college and in a relationship with my now husband. I was actually at my heaviest around the time I was married. Several months later in 2011, I started eating better. My husband and I rode together daily for exercise (I on my bike, him on his long board). In the summer of 2011 we spent many evenings dancing to practice for my sister’s fall wedding. We were both at good weights. After my sisters wedding, I started to let go and by winter that year I had gained a lot of what I lost. So I started to eat better starting Jan 2012 and exercised like crazy…. 9 months latter I ws still heavier even with diet and exercise. It would drive me crazy! This was frustrating.

Winter 2012 I met a chiropractor who forever changed my life for the better. He asked me what I ate and I told him all the things and then he ordered blood tests. What it came down to was hormones were out of whack, low on a vitamin, and even though I thought I was eating healthy he suggested a book for me to follow for recipes. I followed the shopping list and did the recipes for 6 weeks and lost 12lbs. My husband was very supportive and ate the meals with me. He admitted he liked them a lot so I was helping him as well.

From this visit I learned what foods caused me to gain weight and by eliminating them completely or eating them less, I have managed my weight better and for the longest time.  And I try to eat organic and gmo free whenever possible. What I love about all of this is that I can have cheat days and they don’t harm me severely.

In previous posts the only reason recently I have struggled with weight is because of the miscarriage. Now that it’s done and over with my body has bounced back because of what I learned back in 2012.

Not everything works for everyone, but studies show this is what is more promising then the standard recommendation from doctors to just diet and exercise. Yeah that doesn’t really work out too well for A LOT of people.

I don’t exercise as much as I should but I can lose weight without having to do so. If you are like me and just stuck in a yo-yo weight gain havoc, and have tried everything, please comment on this post and I can start to give advice on what helped me and see if it works for you. Or share with someone you know who has been struggling.


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