Medical Update

I went over my blood work from July 6’s blood draw with my current OB Ana yesterday, July 27th.  She tested the major hormones. She said everything looked really good. She said she couldn’t believe I have PCOS because of my blood work.  I told her I work really hard in battling my Pcos daily, hoping there’s a cure in the future. Later I did an ultrasound to see if I’ve healed from the D&C procedure I had June 23rd. Even though the blood work looked great and was fine it was confirmed  I have stupid pcos. But I have it in control with diet and supplements and will need to for the rest of my life to not get type 2 diabetes.

More good news after I talked to Ana about my blood work is that I’ve finally been able to lose about 4-5 pounds since the end of March! It’s been a long struggle because of my misdiagnosis miscarriage 4 months ago. I feel like I am getting back on track with my weight control now that my body knows it is not carrying a life anymore. Those last 7-6 pounds I have left to go will be a breeze to lose.

Last news, Dr. Ana pretty much told me I was fine to try to have another child and insisted I try again this month. Felt contradictory from what she told me on July 6th. She wants me to see her again August 5th to see if I have any follicles (eggs that will try to mature) and she’ll measure them. I told her that sure I would do that but I am also just leaving it up to nature (I meant God, but since obs tend to not believe I didn’t want to start an argument).  It wasn’t what I was expecting at all from Dr. Ana because right after my D&C procedure my hubby and I asked when we could start “trying” again and she said three weeks. Fast forward to Jul 6th my first follow up from d&c where I got blood drawn, I mentioned something about her telling me after 3 weeks we could try, and her response then was, “Don’t you want to let your body heal.” It wasn’t even a question, felt like a statement. AT that appointment on the 6th of July she also told me I am at risk for future miscarriages because of my negative blood type being mixed with dead baby blood for 3 months. Read about that post here. So I was very shocked and a bit confused that she was so encouraging yesterday for me to start again. And with that comes fear of miscarrying again. The only real option I have is turning to God, trusting him, letting go, and letting God lead what’s meant to be.

Below is a little history on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

PCOS affects 1 in 10 females. They are small cysts along the ovaries that can cause hormonal imbalances (rapid weight gain and possible early type 2 diabetes) and prevent ovulation. That’s why a lot of women with PCOS have a harder time conceiving and may not conceive at all. Some have success with the non traditional way with hormone injections/treatments, IVF or surrogates. No one knows why women have this but there has been some studies saying certain things disturb the endocrine (female reproduction) system. One being certain toxins like heating things in aluminum, cooking with non stick pots/pans,  BPA in plastics (canned foods are lined with this) gmos, pesticides, insecticides and maybe genetics. So women stop microwaving food in plastics or limit buying foods in cans unless stated BPA free, try eating organic and non gmo. Also try to avoid or eat less processed refined sugars, high fructose corn sryup, any unnecessary sweeteners, and gluten type foods. I say avoid or eat less dairy unless organic because of the added antibiotics and growth hormones that can pass to your body causing havoc on your own hormones. That’s what I do to battle this horrible syndrome! Experts, research, plus a ton of PCOS women back up what I do and recommend it to reduce this disease. There’s no cure yet and more research needs to be done.


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