Date Night At Home: Cooking Class

For a long time I’ve heard of date night ideas of where there is a cooking class locally and you learn how to cook a meal and then eat it afterwords. I have no idea how much that costs and how much opportunity of that there is here. My husband and I did a cooking date night this week (last night) where we didn’t leave the house.

My husband loves those store bought frozen taquitos and had just finished some. I can’t stand those because they’re filled with onions (hate onions), processed to death, probably filled with bad ingredients like excess refined sugars and who knows what else in that huge ingredient list. To be honest, I don’t like the taste of them either even though they smell good.

I make homemade “taquitos” that taste like real Latina food. And with simple ingredients. I call mine Flautas. Everyone who’s had my flautas have commented they are so good, authentic..etc.. I think my nephew J on hubby’s side once exclaimed when he tried these a few years ago,” These are better than taquitos!!” And that’s honesty coming from a 10 year old. I’ve improved them throughout the years and I don’t even measure my ingredients. I learned how to do this through Latina cooking from my mama!

Anyhoo the husband INHALES my flautas as if they’re going instinct.. hehe.. so I suggested some day I just make a huge batch and freeze them that way we can have better ones when we want and it’s cheaper than buying the store bought frozen box. He suggested to making them last night since we weren’t busy and I would teach him so he could make them on his own. I LOVED that idea. And it was fairly simple to do with our toddler playing in the living room.

Hubby was so cute with having his pen and notebook ready. I am not going to share the recipe just the pictures of the food prep. If you want the recipe I’d rather show you first. This probably took an hour total with prep and readiness because we didn’t have frozen chicken thawed. We had to boil it. Thawed chicken takes this down by 20 minutes or so. That makes shredding chicken for flautas so much easier.

IMAG3838 IMAG3840 IMAG3841

It was fun teaching him and I let him do most the work so he could remember if he wanted to whip these up another time. We only made 10 and froze half of them. We agreed it would be fun to do this more often, we had a blast.

Flautas can be as simple or complicated to your liking. I like shredding chicken, using a tomato base sauce for flavor, brushing coconut oil (you can choose a different cooking oil) on the tortillas so they don’t break when you roll it up, and then bake in the oven. You can skip the brushing of the oil if you fry them in any oil of your liking. We usually also include cheese but we didn’t have any last night. Still tasted great without it. Naturally my flautas are gluten free (unless I use flour tortillas),  dairy free (omit cheese), soy free, egg free, and nut free. You could also make these vegan by using maybe mashed up pinto or garbanzo beans instead of chicken or meat. I might try that because I love those beans!

I can’t wait to try my husband’s version (without my help) of chicken flautas in the future!


4 thoughts on “Date Night At Home: Cooking Class

    1. Thanks, Maria! You can use olive oil or veggie oil since Jon is allergic to coconut. I also add a avocado spread of lemon juice and garlic on top of the flautas that I forgot o mention. I also need to go back and edit some typos in this blog. 🙂


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