Hello Readers!

“The Linchpin Bunch” blog was created to illuminate My family and I.

I wanted to find one word to define “small but very important” and I came across the word linchpin. A Linchpin is described as something small that holds everything else together. Perfect, this was the word for us, my little bunch! If you search it’s meaning online you may find Merriam-Webster’s link that shows:


When I read the the definitions of linchpin over and over, I can’t help but think of my family and how we are with each other. We’re small but important to each other, our friends, our families, and to God.


I wish I could call this blog something opposite of a small family bunch because we badly want our family to grow. And since that’s not happening  at the moment, maybe someday, (no matter how hard I pray) I decided to create this blog to cope/talk about that and to of course update our family and friends on all the other great blessings God has given us.

Due to some cyber creeps I no longer use my old blog page. For this blog I am going to keep our real location, names, etc. hidden  since I want to share it publicly without worry of these creepers knowing exactly who we are if they shall ever come across this site. I am excited to get started! Posts to come in the future! 🙂