Shopping Things

I've been shopping at Target and sales racks from Fred Meyer. I was able to make this outfit below out of my shopping finds and am SO loving it! I also love thrift shopping. 2nd Outfit I pulled together and loved! 2. I wore and loved this outfit above on a date night with my... Continue Reading →


Long Time No Post Things

Well it's been months since my last post. I am 5-6 months postpartum of my last (3rd) miscarriage. I've finally lost the miscarriage weight (20ish pounds) from the two losses last year. I am back to my comfortable size of extra small in women's and junior clothing. I still could lose a few pounds but... Continue Reading →

Lunch and Leftover Things

Today's lunch for the girls and I consisted of cooked brown rice, homemade pinto beans, and cooked chicken tenderloins. The oldest didn't eat much of the chicken but commented the chicken looked like "dumplings" which she loves. So she gave it a try and said, "good" but didn't eat anymore.¬† The girls devoured their rice... Continue Reading →

School Things

Tuesdays and Thursdays are ideally my homeschooling days where I teach my 5 year old girl more of the bible and preschool essentials. We started this for the 2018/2019 school year calendar. There have been many delays: doctor appointments, sicknesses, my pregnancy and then dealing with my current dead baby situation. I still try to... Continue Reading →

Difficult Things

Yesterday was a difficult day. Come to think about it, this whole week has been difficult. I've been waking up each day this week with my chest hurting and extremely sore, more than each day prior. More than last week and the week before that. What does that mean? It means my stupid pregnancy hormones... Continue Reading →

Not So Pregnant Things

This baby, my 5th pregnancy, didn't make it. I lost it about 3 weeks ago and didn't know. This is my 3rd missed miscarriage. The baby was measuring 6 weeks today when I should have been at 9 weeks. There wasn't a heartbeat again. I did not think lightening could strike us twice this year.... Continue Reading →

Pregnant Things

This was posted in August. The last couple of days with all the smoke around, I've had major headaches! My headaches are bad. So bad, that I thought to myself my period is due in 5 days maybe I should test just to be on the safe side and for peace of mind. So I... Continue Reading →

Successful Snacks

It's been 4 months since our 2nd miscarriage. I want to write about in much detail of how painful that whole experience still is, how it still makes my husband and I so deeply and incredibly¬†sad. But... today I am not going to express how we're coping. That will be a future blog post. Today... Continue Reading →

Two More Things

I have a Pinterest board full of quotes and the most recent post I made a week ago has been repinned a ton of times! Everyday I get notifications all day long of how many people repinned this pin: This up here ^ yes! Yes! I wish I had said this numerous times to someone... Continue Reading →

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